Weeks passed, her mind playing many games on her as she wondered where the odd feelings
stemmed from. Each moment she lingered here, she lost a little piece of herself but to what she
wasn't certain. Waking in the dead of night, she heard a soft voice beckoning to her as though
they knew her every thought, her every secret. Having this occur more frequently than ever, she
waited for it all to come to a head and explode, showing her what she feared.

All her life, she's had certain things, certain ideas that never seemed noted by many people. Being
told you're gifted isn't something that she wanted to hear. She wanted nothing more than to be
like everyone else, and yet she knew she wasn't. For years she had the same dreams and
wondered if her destiny was to be plagued by the countless voices that surrounded her all the
time. The same voices that sometimes offered her comfort from the sad reality that seemed to hit
her all at once.

An unknown longing filled her each and every day. Knowing you are different doesn't make it
easier to find what you want; what you desire. What did she want? What does anyone ever want
out of life? Love. A simple love to consume her heart, filling her with the warmth of life. Often
it seemed though she looked for love, she couldn't help but push people away. Was there
something wrong with her that she couldn't see? Did she really believe them all? Was she so
different that she would not find a single soul to match her own?

Eyes from nowhere and everywhere watched her closely, wanting to be near the warmth of her
soul and longed for the fleshly encounters that only the living could partake of. Oh, how many
hours they had watched her move silently through their space and longed to brush against her
warmth. So many times they had aimlessly wandered close enough to feel the energy she

There it was again. That same unnerving feeling as though she were being watched. Glancing
around, there wasn't anything out of the ordinary. Times before she shrugged it off as though she
were going crazy, but this time it was too compelling to ignore. Her breath turned chilly as the
temperature around her dropped.

The hair on the back of her neck prickled under some intense suspicion that she was in for more
than she bargained for. A cold sensation closed around her leg, making her heart race. Though
she seemed a simple person, one thing had remained constant through her life. She could sense
things others couldn't, or wouldn't dream to.

I know what you want,' a whisper spoke, the voice coming from nowhere and yet it came from
everywhere; surrounding her very being.

Her body tensed, feeling a bit uneasy as though being looked at by some criminal with only the
worst intentions in mind. Her mind reeled as she felt desire emanating from the unseen soul
waiting patiently for her to give in. A soft touch cooled her skin as it slid up her leg.

Jumping up quickly, her heart skipped a beat as she glanced around excitedly. Her mind was on
edge as she realized she wasn't alone. Uncertain of anything, she took off out of the room. Her
mind in a whirl, she didn't think such things could happen. She didn't want to linger to find out
what she was running from. She was certain she knew already.

A rush of adrenaline filled her veins as she ran through the darkened corridor. She wasn't sure
where she was going, but was certain it was safer than back there. Her breathing coming in hard
gasps, curled as soon as it passed her lips into the chilling air. She was frightened like never
before. Her body still trembled from the sudden touch of something unfamiliar; yet excited at the
same time. What was she to do when her mind told her one thing and her heart screamed
another? Should she listen to the voice in her head that told of a forbidden desire; a love that
would test the bounds of life itself?

Pulling the door open, she glanced behind her, not sure she would see anything, but knowing that
somewhere back there in the shadows he was there staring back with his cold, dark eyes. With a
sigh of relief she'd been holding for so long, she turned back to step through the door way but
stopped cold in her tracks. There just in front of her he stood, his cold smile creasing his lips as
his eyes bore back at her with a vengeance.

A scream fell from her lips as he moved closer, gliding across the floor with ease. The sudden
chill of terror ran through her, as a soft touch brushed her cheek. Trying to regain her senses, she
pulled every ounce of courage she could muster from deep inside. The soft touch so unreal, filled
her with so many questions. Questions she was afraid to ask.

"Stop it," she breathed softly. The soft touch continued down the side of her face making her
shiver involuntarily. She would keep control of the situation, that's the way it's meant to be. He
wouldn't be able to press the subject as long as she wouldn't allow it. "You can't do this. I
know how this whole thing works," she uttered, her voice rigid in the cool air.

The cold touch recoiled away leaving her standing there in the darkness, her chest heaving
beneath the heavy weight of knowing. Something odd filled her senses as she stood there in the
darkened hall. Loneliness. She could sense his loneliness, the same loneliness she knew all to

"You don't have to go," she called out, the sound of her voice as chilling as the air. Her eyes
searching the darkness, the sensation filled her again as she waited for him to speak. She could
tell that he was scrutinizing her as she stood there in her nightgown, the cold numbing at her.
"Say something, anything. Tell me I'm going crazy," she whispered softly, wrapping her arms
around herself, almost unsure of everything anymore.

You're not crazy,' the soft voice stated, as a body started to visualize before her leaning against
the wall. His dark eyes looking her over, every detail entered into his memory.

Smiling softly, she shook her head, her dark curls falling across her shoulders. Her eyes caught
his, studying his expression. His finely chiseled features were handsome as anyone she'd ever
seen, his dark eyes hidden behind his dark brown hair that fell across his face. She drew a breath
as he tilted his head slightly to regard her with a smile, one filled with desire and longing.

Everything seemed to become clear as she stood there admiring him far longer than she thought.
A constant buzz in the air filled her mind with awe when finally a thought occurred to her. Could
she? Could they?

Yes,' his voice answered, though his lips didn't move.

Feeling slightly embarrassed, her cheeks grew hot and she knew she blushing a nice shade of
crimson. A throaty chuckle filled her ears as she glanced back at him, a smile lighting his
darkened features. He could read her thoughts, this much she knew.

There is a light that shines in you, far brighter than anything I've ever seen,' his voice called out
to her. So pure, so innocent.'

"And?" she questioned, feeling more to the question lingering on his tongue.

You're light warms me compared to none,' he replied.

She couldn't reply. His statement was something out of a dream. Smiling softly, she sighed,
wondering if there was hope for her yet.

Of course there is,' he uttered, her thought betraying her. I would give anything to show you.'

"Would you?" she inquired softly, her eyes falling over his form. Feeling a sense of adventure,
she walked back the way she came, feeling him following behind her. Opening the door to her
room, she glanced over her shoulder to see he was still there watching her.

The heat in her room was slowly chilled, as the restless spirit once again followed her into her
own domain. Walking to the window, she looked out to survey the landscape. A cold hand on
her shoulder reminded her of his presence. Her heart pounded in her chest, beating with every
ounce of knowing that she held. Turning slightly, she glimpsed a show of nervousness settle
across his features before being replaced with something more. Walking toward her bed, she
pulled the covers back, embarking on the one thing she wanted; that which she had searched her
whole life for. Settling between her covers, her eyelids slid shut silently.

The coldness fell across her body once again, only this time she welcomed it. She felt the
mattress beneath her descend down slightly as though weight had been added, yet she felt nothing
but the sheer coolness of his touch. A soft breeze fell across her skin as she lay there quietly. The
gentle touch of indescribable means set her skin on fire.

I don't want to hurt you,' his voice entered into her mind as a soft caress fell across her stomach.

"You won't," she replied softly.

Gently, a soft caress touched her cheek, a brief interlude to what was at hand. Timidly, she
reached out only to grasp nothing, as he moved across her body. How was this possible?' she
asked herself.

Anything is possible, if you believe in yourself as well as others,' his voice replied. You of all
people should have known that.'

"I know," she whispered, as she felt an agonizing hunger creeping up on her. Feeling him take
control, she soon found herself in the height of a pleasure she'd only dreamed about.

The pressure mounted between them as he showed her that the boundaries between life and death
were merely instilled by fear of what couldn't be explained. The cold touch that caressed her skin
turned her soul blazing hot as he led her into succumbing to her passions.

The gentle trace of a breast accompanied by the gentle push of cloth leading to so much more.
Passion fueled her desire as an unsurmountable urgency received the attention it needed, the
pulsating white heat taking control of her senses, rocking her soul violently as she felt herself
being drawn into a blazing fire of bliss. Every particle of her being exploded within her, the most
natural feeling ever to wash over her as she felt the climatic tension burst.

An embrace held her tight as she stumbled through the darkness and emerged into a whole new
life, her winding road lit by the soft light of knowledge.