Lonely Tears

As I lie awake at night

Holding my pillow tight

I cry tears of a lonely soul

Aching to be whole

It seems time just isn't right

So i pray to God for a tad bit of his might

To help me through another lonely night

But as i go on to cry

I ask myself why

But the answer is already known

I just have to wait for it to come

But until then my soul goes on to cry

Even though I try

I can't just act like nothing is wrong

It never last long

For I need to feel whole

And be with the other part of my soul

The one who is just right

Thats when I won't cry another lonely night

But as times moves on

My faith is gone

And I wonder if they will part ever

Or will the lonely tears run on forever

I hope they will stop one day

When I meet the person who will hold they at bay

But untl then lonely tears will fall

Hopefully time will previal

But for now my soul

Will go on not being whole