Tears Of A Broken Heart

I stay late in then night

Crying with all my might

Tears of a broken heart

That was evilly torn apart

That can't be put back together

Until the time is just right

But until then

I will go on day after day

Crying these retched tears anyway

But as time goes on I wonder if these tears of a broken heart

Will ever part

But I know time is all I need

And i will one day finally be freed

But still i have so many un-answered questions

That hopefully one day will be answered

But until those days i will go on crying these miserable tears

I have been crying for years

I pray God will help his cursed daughter

Continue through to another daughter

While I waste away

Crying these retched tears

As i keep on questioning why

As the days and months fly by

My friends and family keep saying

All it takes is a little time

But i wonder

How do you heal a broken heart

That was evilly torn apart