The Abuser

You meet him

He seems just right

But you are seeing him

In the dim light

Been with for a year

Haven't cried a tear

But something goes wrong

Like in a bad song

He's dropped the image

And showing his colors

As his fist fly

Laughing every time you cry

You go to work looking black blue

And everyones eyes stick to you like glue

While you try to hide the shame

Never again wanting to feel the same

Hating to feel

Like helpless flower

And having someone

Have all the power

The power over life and death

Enjoying you fearing to take a breath

Just sitting and waiting

Watching your every move, comteplating

For he lives on fear

Enjoying all the pain he sees

And the all the cries he can hear

For he's an abuser no-one expects or believes

And the only way to escape

His everyday rape

And survive

Is for one of you to die