Time To Say Goodbye

All times comes to past

It's never really meant to last

And when you meet your end

You leave behind many you befriend

For when it's time to say goodbye

I'll not question how and why

I'll go with peace

For I know my life's lease

Is at it's end

And I'll be remebered by all I befriend

So when it comes don't cry

For we have all have to say goodbye

Instead my friend

Rejoice at my end

Remember all we have done

The good and the bad

But especially all the fun

We've had

For all's time comes to end

Just remember and love me

My friend

And don't live life in the past

For life goes by way to fast

Just travel a new road

Cherishing the memories you hold

For he lives on fear

Enjoying all the pain he sees

And the all the cries he can hear

For he's an abuser no-one expects or believes

And the only way to escape

His everyday rape

And survive

Is for one of you to die