What I See

I look upon life

With eyes of the old


As fate's plans unfold

And as I watch from the distance

I am filled with anger and shame

For the things I see

I can hardly believe

For people use and abuse for gain

Never caring about causing pain

And other's keep going back for more

Getting treated the same as before

Why they do

I'll never understand

For it's a mystery to me

That'll take lifetimes to see

But as I watch

I see people reach out to me

And I feel such a fool

For I don't know what to do

Its hard to believe

They would reach to me

Ignoring them, I try

Not quite succeeding, hearing another helpless cry

So I give in and help

Quenching everything I felt

For all I want is turn and flee

Not helping anyone but me

So I pray for quidance and strength

To help me through this day's length

For I am scared to death

Afraid to take another breath

For after hour upon hour listeninng to what the say

Watching what they do

Needing help

To get through

Continually to watch

I am filled with anger and shame

Not quite believing

The things I am seeing

For he lives on fear

Enjoying all the pain he sees

And the all the cries he can hear

For he's an abuser no-one expects or believes

And the only way to escape

His everyday rape

And survive

Is for one of you to die