A simple word

Thrown carelessly around

That's gloried by many

But never to be seen

For even though its said

Still for them it holds no meaning

Except what they see

On their t.v.

But to others

Its their world

It's all they've known

And will ever know

War's blood and death

Its innocent lives lost

For what some believe to be

A noble cause

But what is a noble enough cause

To wage a war

That brings so much pain and destruction

Killing so much innocence in its wake

While plundering and raping a country

Until nothing's left

But blood and death

It's a power into itself

Turning boys into men

And bringing men to their knees

To beg God please

It can destroy the love of ones faith

As well as morals and values

Turning those into self serving fools

While giving those harboring anger and violence

The excuse to murder and rape

As those in power

Cover it up with red tape

Leaving only, what they want to be seen

It is so many things

And some of the things it brings

Isn't all the glory it seems

Or the things of some dreamers dreams

War's not some glorified bed of roses

It's blood and death

That has the power to rape and plunder our soul

Until there's nothing left