What If

When I met you

You stole my breath away

Robbing me of all I was to say

With nothing to do but to think of you

And in a matter weeks

I gave you my trust

Telling you things

I always kept hushed

While finding myself trying to hide

Feelings developing inside

So I refused to see

Terrified of you not wanting me

Never really trusting and seeing who you are

Not wanting to trust my heart that far

Forgetting how you felt so right

How you chased all my sorrows away at night

And how you're so gentle and caring

So how could I be so daring

Risking the friend I had in you

Someone I can always trust and talk to

So what I had

Had to be enough

But as the feeling grew stronger

I couldn't hide it any longer

I gathered my courage to tell you

So scared we were through

But shock is what was to be

For you wanted me

But now our times through

Wondering is all I do

As the what ifs run through my mind

With answers never to find

What if I told you before

Could we have been something more

What if my trust in you was stronger

Would we have lasted longer

Answers never to be known

For our time has drawn to an end

Leaving us only as friends

As what ifs haunt me through the night

Leaving me wondering if I did what was right

Keeping me a wake long past dawn

Never knowing how to move on