Daddy, I have so many questions

That I seek but can never find the answers

Always wondering if the choices I made

Is what caused mom's love to fade

Would it have mattered

If would have behaved a little more

And never told her of how her boyfriends of before

Left my trust and innocence shattered

But as I look back on days like today

I understand that mom what have been this way

I was in denial for so long

Thinking I was the one in the wrong

But as the years went by

She never cared about the tears I continued to cry

That turned into never ending sorrows

Filling all my future tomorrows

Making me realize

That the love I had for her inside

Somehow slowly died

Over all the tears I cried

Now the only questions that remain

Are am I going to be like her

Constantly causing my family pain

By never excepting their love, like she use to spur

Always dumping them for some nameless man

Instead of supporting them

By being their biggest fan

Causing their love to dim

But I hope your not disappionted in me

I did what I thought had to be