Friendship My Promise

We make a promise everyday

In everything we say

But when i made my promise to be there for you

I never thought i would see the things you are going through

Or see you hurt as you do

And i didn't even know what i was suppose to do

For it tears me up inside to see you cry

Not even try

For when you was the brave

And the one

I use to call upon

But now it scares me

Not to see you the way you use to be

I am going to be there for you

For you were there for me

And what kind of friend would I be

If I didn't care

About the things you now have to bear

For when i needed someone before

You were teaching and showing me

The friend I need to be

So I'm here to help you

With all you're going through

Not just because you helped me

For my friendship is my promise to be there

No matter what the situtaion might be