What's Love?

What is love

It's that feeling

Given to us from God above

That makes life so appealing

Love is the way you feel for that wonderful friend

Who will stick by you until the end

No matter the situation or how stormy the day

Nothing can get in their way

It's that special bond with your pet

Who loves to get dirty and wet

And also gets mad when you bathe him

But the way he sees you will never dim

Love is that feeling you get after that kiss

That makes you dream and wish

About that one special guy

Who will never make you cry

Love is that feeling you can't wait to feel

And you can hardly believe is real

Because of the your aching heart

Which was evilly torn apart

By some soft spoken guy

Who believes love is a joke

And doesn't care if someone gets there heart evilly broke

As long as he can still get by

Don't let your hope for love dim

Just because some soft spoken guy like him

Love may be hard to find

And it has known not to be kind

As it has made people cry

Because they had to learn how to say goodbye

you have to have faith and believe

Just as you believe in God above

Because is his gift us which is hard to see

Its something that you have to feel

To know that it is real