When It Comes To You

When it comes to you

I don't know how to handle or even what to do

I haven't heard from you in like three months

Then out of the blue I recieve a call from you

I want to tell you to leave me alone its through

But how can I say that when I don't really mean it

Especially to the person that holds my heart

Even though without knowing it

You are evilly tearing it apart

I ache to let you see and have everything of me

But I am terrified of how it might turn out to be

I'm scared to believe you

When you say you and your girl are through

But in the end I do

Even thought you don't know I lied

But I did and I am sorry for it

Even though it is over the simplist thing

I wanted you to know

When you asked me about who those poems where about

You were right in thinking they were about you

I was just so scared of losing myself to you

But in the end I did anyway

I learned a lot since you last seen me

Like how to let myself go and be free

And not to be scared of the unknown too

When it comes to you