Chapter 1

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Hermione Jane Granger was walking down the hall. She was accompanied by her two best friends in the whole world, 'Apart from Ginny' she thought.

Harry and Ron were headed off to the Quiditch Pitch for a bit of Quidditch practice.
"Are you coming, Mione?" Ron asked. Hermione brushed her golden brown hair out of her eyes. Her hair wasn't bushy any more and for that she was thankful. Her hair laid in tamed curls almost waves. Today she had decided to just let it lay. Her chestnut brown eyes turned to meet her friends flaming red hair.

"Yeah, Ron, I'll come down but I have got to do some really quick work in the library first." Hermione said her hands gripping her books. Ron and Harry nodded, and then took off for the Quidditch pitch. Hermione watched as Ron tripped over his long Quidditch robes and got up cursing and swearing.

Still chuckling Hermione opened the door to the library. She made her way to the section of her choice. Her hands trialing on the spines of the books.

Finding the book that she needed. 'A Care of the Magical Creatures, without with staining injuries.' A book by, Richaid Stramps.

She quickly found a table and started taking notes for Hagrid. 'He's always hurting himself, why not find out a way to do it with out hurting himself, and us.' She thought with a painful look on her face.

Hermione gathered as many notes as she possibly could and looked at her watch.

"Oh, my." She muttered with self urgency. 'Harry and Ron are going to kill me if I miss anymore of their practice.' She thought as she put the book back on the shelf. Gathering her things she charged out of the library. Hermione pushed the door open with all her might. It stopped short as it collided with someone or something on the other side. Hermione heard a manly 'Oof' and then a large crash.

She let the door close and then hurried over to the injured person.

Hermione gasped when she saw who it was.

"Malfoy?" his node was bleeding and he was gathering up all of his books. She grabbed the closest book and handed it to him. He took it with out looking up at her.

"Shit, your bleeding." Hermione remembered.

"So. What the fuck do you care?" Hermione moved closer to him on his left side. She pulled out her wand and grabbed his head. Cradling it in her lap she picked up her wand.

"Granger, what in the hell do you think you are doing?" he asked as he started to sit up. Hermione pushed him back down forcefully.

"Malfoy, calm down, its not like I am going to hex you or something." She said angrily. Malfoy looked up at her with fear in his eyes.

"Fine, whatever, Mudblood." He smirked as she shut her eyes at his use of that name. Malfoy relaxed and crossed his arms, his head still in her lap.

Hermione whispered an incantation to stop the bleeding.

"Evasceo!" she said. To clean him up. Hermione pushed his hair away form his eyes. And looked down at his silver-grey orbs. Hermione's hand kept smoothing down his blonde hair.



"Why do you hate me so?" she asked. Malfoy sat up abruptly. Grabbing his books he said.

"Well, Granger, uh, thanks for the," Gesturing and pointing at his nose,

"thanks for that but I got to go." He hurriedly ran in to the library. Hermione sat dumbly on her knees her mouth slightly open. She shook her head quickly and got up.

"What just happened?" she asked. Hermione grasped her books and walked out to the Quidditch pitch. Hermione sat up in the stands and watched as Ginny sent quaffles sailing Ron's way and Harry played around with the snitch. It was a closed practice today. Pretty much just a bunch of friends messing around on broomsticks. Hermione opened up her Arithmacy book and got out her quill and parchment. She was taking notes so intently she did not notice that Harry had flown over and sat next to her until he shut her book. Ignoring her protests he pulled her up.

"You have to fly with me, Mio." He said. A look of pleading in his eyes.

"Harry, you know that I only fly when I have to." Hermione muttered. 'Or when I'm alone.' She thought.

"Mione, Come on, you know I won't drop you." Harry pleaded.

Hermione sighed. "Alright, Harry, just a small ride, ok." Harry mounted his broom and waited patiently for Hermione to get on. Herms swung her leg over and pulled herself on to the broom wrapping her arms around Harry's waist. Harry kicked off with such force that Hermione screamed as they soared higher and higher in the sky. Hermione clung to Harry's Gold and Red Quidditch Robes like a second skin. She watched as Harry's normally messy raven hair fluttered and flew in the wind. They flew around the stadium for a bit.

"Harry, I'm ready to go down now." She yelled in her friends ear. Harry nodded and aimed the broom toward the ground. Hermione looked down and felt her world go black. Hermione's feet slipped off and before Harry knew it she was falling toward the ground. Hermione could feel a whoosh of cold air as her body collided with the ground. Then all went black.

When she woke up she was surrounded by red and black hair. Quidditch Robes loomed on all the bodies.
Hermione groaned and tried to sit up but cried out in pain.

"Stay put, Mio!" Harry ordered.

"Ron, Go and get Madame Pomfery."

Hermione slipped out of consciousness again.

"Regonciliouso!" Hermione woke up with a sudden jerk.

"Here, dear, drink this!" she heard as Madame Pomfery thrust a glass of misty potion in her face. She gulped down the potion and felt her throat sear with pain, and then her whole body glowed in a thick hazy green mist. IN a flash she felt all her limbs perk up and she no longer felt any pain.

Hermione sat up in her bed. The bed sheets slipped down below her breasts. Looking down she noticed that she was only wearing her green bra. Gasping she jerked the bed sheets until they covered her head.

"Damn it!" She said loudly.

Ginny noticed her friends' discomfort.

"Harry, Ron, Get out of here." Ginny pushed them quickly out the door.
Hermione's head poked out from under the sheets.

"Thanks so much, Ginny." Relief spread across the girls face and a smiled played on her mouth. Ginny nodded.

"Well, Herms, Madame Pomfery said you could go whenever you were ready. You ready?" Hermione was so willing to get out of there. The girl nodded enthusiastically.

"Well, good. I brought you some clothes. I thought they were cute." She pulled out of her bag, a blue and black plaid ruffle shirt and a pair of black capris.

"There you go darling, The cutest outfit ever! Oh wait can't forget these." She pulled out a pair of blue pumps.

"Ginny, I am going to look like a big bruise, with all of this black and blue on." She scolded as she pulled on the outfit. 'It really is cute though.' She thought.

"Bye, Madam Pomfery." She called. "Hey, Lets go to my room." Hermione whispered. As Ginny and Hermione made their was to the heads dorm Hermione's brain was storming with an idea.

"Hey, Gin, I was thinking. Lets have a slumber party tonight. Its my seventh year and I want to have as much fun as possible."

Ginny nodded excitedly, her long fire red hair dancing around her face.

"I'll have to change out of my quidditch robes first." She said before she started rambling off ideas for the party.

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