Chronicles of the Red Sea

Chapter 1: A Trickle of Red can Kill

My head is numb with the intense cold on that windy day. I felt alone. Shell-shocked. Terrified. The bitter winds that blew across my face adds to the searing pain my bruises emitted for the past hours. As I took each step forward, blood from my knees right down to my feet stained the dull pavement.

I told myself not to cry. Stay strong. My fists tightened as I took each step forward. However, inside, I knew. I knew that there was nothing I could do. My heart was still beating uncontrollably fast from the deadly incident… The incident that caused pain. Torture. Death.

Sobbing loudly as the sudden rain poured in, I ran as fast as I could to the deserted forest at the edge of the city, and immediately collapsed down, unconscious.


I sighed. 10 years had past. 10 long hard years of training. "Dang it. Not that stupid dream again... I don't want to remember..."I muttered, slamming my fist onto the tree trunk a little too hard. Broken bits of bark flew everywhere. I sighed again and leaned against the tree, gazing wistfully at the clear blue sky.

If you're wondering what my name is, it's Saya. Saya Hanamoto. I have long, dark brown hair, tied loosely into a ponytail. Whenever the sunlight shines down onto it, it looks more maroon than brown. A dirty old bandage is wrapped around my right arm. I've been training for all my life since an early age of four. My strength is too much for me to control, so I wrapped my arm up to limit my energy.

I only have one purpose in life, which is to train hard. To get to extreme levels of strength and speed no other human could ever obtain. No one would ever

understand the pain I've been through all these years. Nobody. At all.