Chapter 9: The Ancestral Blade

"No way. You're the DarkLord?" I asked in disbelief. He smirked. "Yeah. Got a problem with that? Now get out of here, I've got things to do," he said warily. "Busy doing what? You look bored to death, that is... If you're actually still alive..." Shuichi said, seeming to be deep in thought. I groaned. "This is no time for your stupid jokes, Hitoshubashi," I snapped. "You two are just asking for a slow and painful death," Drakath sighed. "I'll like to see you try," Shuichi said challengingly.

"First things first though. Were you the one who has been sending out all those HelGhosts?" I asked, breaking their argument. Drakath eyed me in disgust. "Listen, kid. I may be the DarkLord, but I fight with honour. A victory is meaningless without it. I don't send some stupid beast to attack in my place. Over my dead body," he spat. Somehow, I felt that he was telling the truth.

"He's got a point, though... If he was evil, he'll kill us both right away! Knowing how much power he has," Shuichi thought. "You can ask that guy that passed out. I've been living in this rotten place for almost 600 years now since my dad left me the throne... Typical, huh?" he smirked. "600 years!" I exclaimed. Drakath gave me a look, stating clearly that he thinks I am the dumbest person on earth. "Tsk. Humans. Is that so hard to believe? The EarthLord is about 3000 years old, I heard. I haven't been in contact with the others for a long time since the war..." he sighed.

"I have a question for you. Were you two the ones who actually defeated Damien?" he asked suspiciously. "Yeah, of course we did! I could take down any of your minions any day," I said confidently. "Oh, a stubborn one, I sense. You dare to challenge me?" he asked, giving me a hard stare. "DarkLord or not, I'll take anyone down," I snarled fiercely, staring back at him. "Heheh. Are you saying that you can actually beat me?" he asked, standing up. I felt a powerful dark energy emitted from his body.

"Yeah, I bet I can," I said indignantly, ignoring the look on Shuichi's face. "Are you out of your mind, Saya! You can barely stand up, let alone fight!" he exclaimed. "Thanks for your concern, but I can handle it on my own," I replied hastily. "(sigh) She never learns," he shook his head. "We'll have a duel. Right here, right now," Drakath said, smiling slightly. I knew that he was looking forward to this. Finally, a victim for him to kill after all those years...

Drakath closed his eyes. Slowly, he brought his arm forward, pointing directly at Damien. His minion seemed to disappear, turning into a dark mist. Slowly, the mist absorbed into Drakath's body. He opened his eyes. "Ahh... That's better," he said softly. "What did you do to him?" Shuichi asked. "Oh, didn't I tell you? That guy you fought wasn't human. It was just part of my spirit energy. 20 percent of it was taken out from my body to create that minion. Now that it's useless, I'm taking my power back," he explained. "Only... 20 percent? That massive bodyguard? Who is this guy?" Shuichi thought, feeling worried.

I tightened my fists, trying not to get too overwhelmed by his power. If only I could master it as well... But now I have more important things to worry about. The first thing I need to do now is to stay alive while fighting the DarkLord. But how? Shuichi was right. I could barely stand up. Lord Drakath was no ordinary opponent, I knew that as well.

Drakath snapped his fingers. The torches aligned by the walls lit up. A dim blue light glimmered softly. "How he managed to live here for 600 years without being freaked out I will never know," Shuichi thought. Sweatdrop. Drakath withdrew a sword from beneath his robe. "Get ready to die, pesky human," he snarled. "Are you sure you know how to use that? Don't want to get a scratch, do you?" I smirked. "You'll regret you ever said that," Drakath frowned, a dark mist surrounding his body. I did the same, only mine was glimmering blue.

He rushed forward with his sword. He jumped up to attack... I foresaw that move and evaded it. His blade missed me by inches. Drakath landed on the ground. "Huh. My skills must be slightly rusty. Usually it takes only one stroke to slice a human into half," he smirked. "Don't worry, I won't miss the next time, he added. "Maybe there won't be a next time!" I yelled. "Spirit light level 1!" I shouted, as a blue blast of light emerged from my palms. Drakath evaded it easily, but he looked shell-shocked.

"Hold on. Who the heck are you?" he asked, looking at me carefully. "Why on earth would you want to know?" I asked curiously. "It's odd. That power... It's a weak one, but... Only the MysticLord could cast that energy ray..." Drakath frowned, keeping his sword. "The fight's over already?" I asked in surprise. "It can't be. The previous MysticLord I know was Sakkha... But he disappeared without a trace. This one's a girl," he mumbled, deep in thought.

"What are you looking at?" I asked, looking at Drakath in amusement. "Never mind that. I have to find out the truth," Drakath frowned, crossing his arms. "Look. Do you want to know how to get stronger?" he asked. "Stronger? Of course I want to. But... How? Is there a way?" I asked. "Hold on a second. Why is he helping you all of a sudden?" Shuichi asked.

"I have my reasons. It seems that your friend here is somehow connected to the MysticLord. And I do intend to find out if it's true," he explained. "You see, there's a legend from the Spirit World. A holy sword, known as the Ancestral Blade, is hidden in a temple quite far away. Getting there isn't the hard part. The sword itself is the main obstacle. You see, only the MysticLord or the one with the MysticLord's blood could get the sword. The Ancestral Blade is stuck in the middle of a round marble tablet. Not even 200 strong men could pull it out altogether," Drakath explained.

"What so special about that thing anyway?" I asked curiously. "Well, legend states that the Ancestral Blade is one of the most powerful swords ever created. The blade is made from a dragon's fang centuries ago," he said, still doubting my abilities. "Well, what are we waiting for? Lets go get it now!" I exclaimed. "Um... Don't you think this thing is kinda rushed?" Shuichi asked. "Well, Saya... Your level now is only one of a rookie. You'll have to raise your skills before you can take me on," Drakath said, ignoring Shuichi.

"I'll be looking forward to that day then, Drakath," I replied, smiling slightly. "If it's not asking for too much, can I have your permission to travel with the both of you? You'll be needing all the help you can get," Drakath said timidly. I looked at him. "He may be a very very old kid, but he's still a kid," I thought. "Sure you can, Drakath," Shuichi and I said at the same time. "Huh. I guess you do have a heart after all, Hanamoto," Shuichi grinned. "Shut up with your sarcasm, Hitoshubashi," I crossed my arms. Sweatdrop. "Are those two always like this?" Drakath wondered, sighing.