Mixed Emotions

I dread each day and yet I don't

Betrayed, I feel, the ones I love

The tears I hoped were gone still flow

Freely as ever. Each day I miss them

More and more. Everyone I knew, as of

late or much longer, seems more distant

as the time apart grows. I wish to

be in their warm embrace once again.

The year seems like it's almost gone,

Though it's only begun and I

wonder what I could've done; done

to stop this evil fate of mine I've still

not fully accepted.

The world knows no limit to it's torture

It seems. Day after day it carries on

With it's despicable task; handing

To those who do not wish it mountains

Of sadness. I've tried to reason

With the world, but it's of no

Use. My family ignores my pleas

And my friends stand by my side

As helpless as I. The world may

Work in mysterious ways, not meant

To be understood by man, but it matters

To me not. I shall never understand these

Events, but shan't be satisfied until

I do. My life is in a knot. 'Tis true,

Though I know not why; my life was a perfect

Quilt 'til now. My stitching has gone

Astray waiting for someone to fix it.