Chris watched as her sleeping form moved slightly against his chest. If it was possible he thought that she looked even more beautiful in her sleep. Her dark hair cascaded around her pale skin and she seemed to glow. It was all he could do not to wake her up and fuck her until all she could do was scream his name, but he knew that wouldn't help.

He had no idea what he was going to do. He loved her so damn much and he didn't want to leave her, but at the same time he didn't want to stay. He was afraid that she wouldn't go to a good school like she deserved, and that he wouldn't be able to get a decent job here. Mostly though he was just afraid that even after last night, she didn't love him.

"Chris?" she questioned groggily.

"Hmm?" he replied his hand brushing hair from her face.

"Are you going to leave me?"

He didn't know what to say. When she looked at him like that he felt as if he was powerless to deny her anything, but would staying come at a higher cost? "I.."

"Chris, I need you to know that I won't lose you. If you go, I'll follow you. In my life I have lost everyone I've ever loved. I refuse to walk away from you." at that she straddled his hips and placed her hands on his chest.

"Sam you can't just pick up and leave."

"If you can then so can I." she replied indignantly before trailing kisses down his chest softly.

"Sam I'm trying to talk to you." he said trying to keep control as her lips found his neck.

"Well I'm talking to you too." she said before biting him hard on the collarbone.

"Sam, stop." he said breathlessly as he grabbed her sides tightly.

"Why? I love you Chris." she said looking into his eyes "If you love me too then why are we having this discussion? How could you leave the one person you claim to love alone? I'm begging you now. Don't leave me. I couldn't take it if you left me too."

He could see the tears start to well up and her knew she was thinking about her parents just as much as she was him. "I won't leave you Sam. I'm not them. I'll stay."

She smiled and whispered "You know I think we should celebrate your decision."

"Most definitely." he murmured against her neck his lips brushing the sensitive flesh with every movement as he flipped her onto her back.

His lips became more and more desperate and he began to push his fingers into her side with more force. "I love you." he told her hotly before taking her earlobe into his mouth and pulling. His hand moved higher up her body caressing her nipple gently and then harder as she arched into the contact breathing harshly.

He felt her body rise and fall faster as her breathing became more and more erratic. He moved his mouth farther and farther down her body biting and sucking various pleasure points as she tried hard not to moan. He finally found the place she wanted him the most his tongue gently stroking her neither lips while his hands held her easily in place. "Oh damn." she cried out as he pushed his tongue into her tasting her sweet juices.

He smiled into her dragging his tongue out to slam it back into her over and over again until her knew she was about to cum. Then he switched tactics. He moved his tongue in a circular pattern around her clit as he inserted three fingers into her tight damp pussy. "Chris. Mmmmm Don't stop." she moaned pushing herself closer to him as her brought her closer and closer to the edge.

"Harder." she groaned and her complied slamming into her as her added yet another finger and worked her clit even faster then he bit down on the inflamed nub and she cried out, screaming his name as if it had been ripped from her lips but he didn't stop. He kept going until she came all over again, never stopping until he knew that she couldn't take any more, but he was far from finished with her.

She could rest for now but as soon as she awoke from her pleasure induced sleep he vowed to make her scream until she begged him to stop. It was going to be a long day.

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