Author's Note:

Because of the way FictionPress works, I'm not able to separate this poem into decent looking stanzas that would make reading the poem easier. I have alternately italicized and bolded the stanzas for easier reading.

Also the poem is written partly in Spanish, so either pull out a very accurate Spanish translator (I've tried online ones and they may not work to translate the text in here correctly), or you better have a decent understanding of Spanish in order to fully understand the poem in it's original context. I will be translating the poem into full English and posting it after the original so you really won't need to worry about knowing Spanish, but I think it adds to the poem to understand it in it's original context.

If you're wanting an explanation as to the Spanish phrases and the usage of Spanish words in an English poem, it stems from my friend and I struggling to talk to our Hispanic friends and how we sometimes combined the languages in sentences and from one of my stupid mistakes in vocabulary.

Anyway, Enjoy!

Unknown Sorrow