A Random Narrative-"Best Friends"

We embraced in the middle of the road.

So what if we're crazy, it's what we do.

We cried 'til we couldn't cry anymore

I never wanted to let her leave

We've live through the last five years,

Dealing with each other through good times and bad.

We have always known what to do,

And can always agree on things we're stumped on

We've been to each other's houses

And have, literally and figuratively, gotten in each other's hair.

We keep each updated on what the other should be reading

And know exactly which book the other wants.

We read each other's minds and finish sentences;

Not psychics, we know each other too well.

We tell each other our deepest secrets.

Our trust is strong, we don't tell.

We've been to each other's Proms,

Fixed dresses, hair, and borrowed jewelry.

We've stayed up 'til four in the morning, just talking;

Of course on a school night about nothing of importance.

We can go for weeks, even months, without seeing each other

But then again, we talk on the computer constantly.

We'll fight through any tough situations

And be there when the other needs us.

We cry, we laugh, we fight, we're happy;

Always together and always inseparable.

We're sisters from different mothers

We'reā€”Best Friends.