She Dances...

She dances in the arms,

The arms where I should be.

There's nothing there between them,

But I envy her just the same.

I held him for a moment,

But never again.

I yearn to speak to him.

I yearn to hold him.

I yearn to dance with him,

Like she does.

Never said the way I feel,

I sit alone in my depair.

His feelings for me were evident,

I hate myself for not speaking.

And so, the last words he told me,

Were "Buena suerte" instead of "Te amo".

Now I'm alone, I wonder what

He's feeling. I wonder if he's

moved on like his brother

Although that might've happened

And he might never have loved me

I continue to dream of him.

Waiting for the day I'll

Be able to dance with him.