The night air was unusually cold for a summer's night, and the wind was much more harsh, howling as it rushed through the rubble of what used to be the richest neighborhood. Even the light of the moon seemed more dull and eerie. Everything about the whole scene spoke of the current pain and despair of the human race. Job could feel those haunting emotions floating through him once more, feelings he was trying so hard to dismiss and disregard. He was tired of being the coward he once was, but there seemed to be no escape from it. Whenever he was alone it would all come back, spinning the sands of his soul as the harsh wind tossed about the rubble below him. Could mankind ever make a comeback after what they had brought upon themselves? After killing off half of their population, inviting the demons to rise, it was as if the humans had created a dinning hall for them, and of course they had graciously accepted the invitation. If only they could flea, but there seemed to be no safe-haven, it was the end, no matter how much Job wanted to deny it. No wonder his eyes felt so heavy lately.

"Hello." Job jumped out of his skin when he heard the voice, nothing registered in his mind other than someone had just approached him from behind, and in a split second he had reacted. Turned one hundred eighty degrees, and was holding his makeshift sword in his hand. He didn't even realize the person before him was the young lady Kaitlyn until she spoke once more, her voice slightly shaky, and her eyes unsettled, "Job, are you okay? I didn't mean to startle you."

Recognition hit Job like a missile, and he fell to the ground, his heart still pounding, perhaps adding to the swift coloration of his cheeks. "No, you're fine, I've just been a bit... unsteady lately." Job stared strait at the ground the entire time he was speaking, and didn't dare look up; he had to be the shade of a rose at this point. He was so foolish to react in such a way when in a secure area.

"Oh, it's alright, I think we're all on the edge of our seats at the moment, and have been for the past several years," The voice was more steady now, and even held understanding as the lady speaking lowered herself so that she was sitting cross-legged before him. "I should have learned after all this time that walking up behind someone during the night would receive such a greeting."

"Oh, but if I had know it was you, Kaitlyn, I mean, Ms. Eve, I would have been more happy, I mean, I would have embraced you—you're presence. I mean, I just would have been good, I mean, it would make me feel good and I would have been nice, wait... no... what I'm saying is..." Job had looked up sometime during his meaningless dribble, and was currently looking directly into Kaitlyn's stormy blue eyes, as she gently placed a finger over his lips. Once more he felt his blood begin to heat, and he tried against all the forces of Hell to somehow keep himself from shifting to yet a darker shade of red.

"It's okay, no need to explain yourself." A long pause ensued after Kaitlyn spoke, her eyes drifting away from Job's and towards the sky, her eyes losing their makeshift happiness, and playfulness they had displayed when she first arrived. Gradually the emotions, pains, and aches that burdened all among their small battalion became evident. But after a couple minutes, when Job was beginning to feel extremely awkward, the corner of her mouth twisted upward weakly. "The moon looks nice tonight," Kaitlyn said softly.

Job turned to look back up at the moon again and grimaced, he still felt the same way. There was something in its glow that communicated to him the stress, something dimmer, unfulfilled. "Hm, I suppose."

"I remember when I was a child, ten years ago, before there was any serious thought devoted to the war, I would lie outside in the bed of my grandfather's truck, and let the moon guide me into my sleep. It was always a friend, almost always there, and when it wasn't, it was like I had its promise that it would be returning... that it would never forsake me." Kaitlyn paused a moment, attempting to blink away the tears, and swallowing the sobs, "I guess it's just nice to know now, when it appears that everything has forsaken not only me but all those around me, that there is still something keeping its promise... Something in the heavens that will never break its promise, and that will still guide me into my beautiful dreams." Tears trickled so delicately down her cheeks, her eyes containing an eternal conflict between reality, and the desire of what reality should truly be. Job just sat, entranced by her powerful emotions, he had felt so dead lately, but seeing Kaitlyn there, a heart ripped wide open, he felt things growing inside him that were gone for so long, and some things he never felt before. "I'm sorry, you probably think I'm pretty pathetic, sitting here and crying over some dumb memory, and the moon of all things." Kaitlyn smiled as she spoke, roughly pushing away the tears with the back of her hand.

"No, not at all, I think you are the strongest person I've ever met. I have never been able to let out my emotions, especially in a time like this, I stopped feeling, stopped remembering, but you. Kaitlyn Eve, you are a miracle, a rose in the midst of a field of thistles. Please, whenever you speak, make sure I am nearby to hear it," Job said, reaching out both of his hands and clasping one of hers between them, pulling it away from her face.

Kaitlyn stared back at him taken aback at what he had just said, wondering whether to take it seriously, to embrace his compliment, but instead she dismissed it. "Job, stop being ridiculous, tears are not acceptable now, and memories only hinder the will to survive. Perhaps you need a wake-up call as much as I do."

"Kaitlyn, don't let go of what you just said, it's important," Job stated, pulling her hand as she began to look away, "Don't turn away, just listen. When I was a child I gave no heed to those things around me, I liked city lights more than stars. Raves more than the moon, and look who I was both during the war, and even up to now—a coward, that's all I've ever been, just some lazy person who isn't worth crap. But you, though you shed tears, and perhaps because you can, you are one of the most determined in the camp. You don't show your fear, you only show life. You're amazing." Kaitlyn just gaped at Job after he concluded, opening and closing her mouth soundlessly. Suddenly Job felt quite childish, and he looked away from her, up to the moon.

"You know," Kaitlyn stated after a long pause, "when I came up here tonight I wasn't expecting to see anyone else..." Job waited for the imminent insult, "but I'm glad I did." Kaitlyn set a hand gently upon Job's shoulder, giving it a slight squeeze, "Thank you."

Shocked by the reaction, Job sat there soundlessly for several moments, until he heard Kaitlyn saying goodbye. He spun about as quickly as he could in his dazed stated, and began to say goodbye, but she was gone. A smile crept across Job's face as he turned to gaze back up at the moon. Kaitlyn was right, it did emanate hope, and as he watched it, the time ticking by without him noticing, his thoughts turned to Kaitlyn and her stunning beauty, brilliance, and expression. She was worthy to be a princess, the princess of the entire battalion, and perhaps, all that remained of mankind.