Chapter 1


Several bubbles were floating around. Some moving up, some moving down or from one side to the other. Bubbles floating in every which imaginable direction and a rare few were sitting almost perfectly still. A great many of these bubbles seemed to pass by, but eventually only one caught his attention. focusing in, he grew closer and closer to this particular bubble as if something was very special about it. Then suddenly, the bubble burst.

The alarm clock was going off as it had just hit 7:15 AM. Brian rolled over lazily and hit the snooze button on top, then switched it off. He let his arm fall and hang off the side of the bed as he slowly opened his eyes, one of which was covered by the pillow, leaving his left eye visible. His lazy gray eyes seemed to perfectly match his messy black hair. He appeared to be in his mid 30's and seemed to have no energy at all. He looked over at the clock, then his eyes shot open. pushing himself up a bit for a better look.

"Oh crap!" Said Brian as he sat up quickly. Throwing the blankets off of him, he sat on the edge of his bed wearing long white boxers. He reached over and grabbed his pants, which were laying on the foot of his bed, then stood up and began trying to push one leg inside. He hopped toward his closet, but didn't quite make it and began hopping backwards, falling over next to his bed. His fall also pulled the wire for the alarm clock, pulling it to the edge of the table. It rocked on the edge for a moment as Brian began sitting up, then fell off and hit him in the head to knock him back down.


Brian was now walking through the front door of his workplace. Now fully dressed, he was wearing brown shoes, beige pants with a light brown belt and a white shirt with a light brown long coat over top of it. He looked around cautiously before stepping in completely, holding his suitcase high up on his side, then proceeded to head through the rows of desks, making his way toward his as quickly and quietly as possible.

"Conner!" Shouted a man behind Brian, causing him to cringe. Slowly he turned to see his boss standing at the entrance way to his office. His boss was a rather large man with thinning gray and black hair, wearing a white shirt, black pants with a brown belt and black shoes. The man wobbled toward Brian with a look of fury in his brown eyes, stopping only when he was right next to him. Brian continued to look down at the floor in anticipation of his boss' anger. "Do you have any idea what time it is? You were supposed to be here five minutes ago!"

"I'm sorry, Mr. Groger." Brian began. "I had a rough night."

"A rough night? Is that what you call it?" Brian flinched a bit as Mr. Groger spit in his face a little while shouting. He wiped his face with his hand slowly as his boss seemed to calm down a little. "How much longer are you going to take those drugs? Can't you see what they're doing to you?"

"I swear it'll never happen again." Mr. Groger raised a finger up and waved it back and forth in Brian's face slowly.

"Keep this up and you'll never get out of that degraded shack of an apartment you live in."

"I understand sir." Brian said as he nodded.

"You better, because next time you come in late, you're fired."

As Mr. Groger turned and headed back into his office, Brian let out a silent sigh. He then continued toward his desk. Once there, he set down his suitcase and he threw himself back in his chair rather lazily. On his desk was a calendar which showed that it was currently April of 2012, a computer with a few files left open because of his multi-tasking co-workers, a cup holding three pencils and some loose papers here and there. The first thing he did was crumble up a paper right in front of him, then toss it into the waist bin next to his desk. He then minimized the files on his computer and opened a few of his own which contained news articles, political statements and paranormal discoveries.

"Excuse me." Said a man behind Brian, causing Brian to turn in his direction. "I left a disk in your drive."

Brian turned back toward his computer. Sure enough, there was a floppy in the drive. He pressed the eject button, then pulled the disk out. It was a light, almost yellowish, brown and had the name of some music band written badly on the front with red ink from a marker.

"Here you go."

Brian turned back toward the man as he handed him back the disk. The man thanked him, then returned to his desk as Brian returned to his work. Then something caught his eye. He turned toward his desk completely and began looking over everything closely. Certain supernatural events, such as the crop circles or UFO sightings, seemed to occur very frequently recently, and madam president Hilary Clinton has been meeting with the leaders of various countries after each event took place. This was truly the makings of a good story.

After a few moments, all of the documents Brian needed were printed and stuffed into his suitcase. He closed the lid and grabbed the handle while standing. As he walked toward Mr. Groger's office, he grabbed the arm of a man who was walking passed him, pulled him around, and began walking with him. The confused man had short brown hair, and green eyes. His attire was slightly different from everyone elses as it consisted of white shoes, blue jeans and a pink shirt which had a coffee stain on the breast pocket. Brian smiled at him for a moment, then placed his hand on the man's shoulder as they continued to walk.

"Mixed the reds with the whites again?" Asked Brian in a joking manner, then noticing that the man was about to respond, he interrupted. "Benny, how would you like to be rich?" This question seemed to catch Benny off guard as he now had a look of confusion on his face.

"How rich?" Brian smirked and he patted Benny on the back just as they reached Mr. Groger's office. He opened the door and he entered the small room with pride as Benny followed with confusion and a touch of uncertainty. Mr. Groger looked up at the two as they entered, then looked back down at his paper work as he continued to scribble his words onto the documents.

"Whatever it is, I'm not interested." Said Mr. Groger casually.

"Please, sir. We have a good one this time." Said Brian, his smile fading for the moment as he tried to look sincere.

"Well, HE does, anyway. "Said Benny, obviously not wanting anything to do with it if it turned out to be a bad idea.

"Fine..." Said Mr. Groger with a sigh. "What is it this time?"

Brian smiled as he set his suitcase down on Mr. Groger's desk, excitement returning to him. He then opened it quickly and pulled out several documents, pictures and other choice material that he found relevant and began to arrange them on the desktop. Benny began to lean forward curiously to get a better look as Mr. Groger began to pick up some of the material to look it over.

"What I have here, sir, are several documents and photographs that relate government activities to extra-terrestrial or otherwise supernatural activities." Said Brian, hardly able to keep his excitement in check. Both Benny and Mr. Groger seemed to look at him oddly as he presented his findings.

"We can see what it is, Conner. "Said Mr. Groger. "It's only natural that this kinda thing would get the government's attention though."

"Exactly!" Said Brian, taking the other two by surprise with how excited he now seemed. "What better way to cover up what they're really up to?"

Mr. Groger and Benny looked at each other for a moment, then back at Brian. They seemed to be working this over in their heads, but not getting anywhere, it seemed, due to the confusion on both of their faces.

"What are you getting at, Conner?" Asked Mr. Groger.

"Think about it." Brian said, leaning in closer out of excitement as Benny leaned in closer as well. "Which is more likely? The existence of aliens or a political cover-up?" Brian let that one sink in for a few seconds, then smiled as he continued. "The government is runs secret tests, then has someone announce that it was alien activity, and then they cover it up while expecting us to believe they are simply doing a poor job of covering alien activity. However, these aliens were invented by the government to keep us from expecting what they're really up to. So, whenever one of these 'events' occur, they have secret meetings with the other world leaders. I don't know about you, but I smell a story there."

Mr. Groger and Benny looked between each other and Brian once again. Benny seemed to smile, which pleased Brian a little bit.

"That really does sound like it would make a great story." Said Benny. However Mr. Groger still didn't seem pleased.

"It sure does." Said Mr. Groger sarcastically. "If you're writing a book. I don't see anything here that suggests this is a cover-up."

"That's why we need to go and investigate the matter." Said Brian as he leaned in close once again. "This could be the biggest story in history. If I'm right about this, we'll be the most respected news station in the entire world."

These words seemed to connect with Mr. Groger as he now appeared to be considering them with great interest. Benny continued to look between Brian and Mr. Groger with anticipation. Brian could tell that he was hoping for the same thing he was.

"This better not be another one of your dead-end leads." Warned Mr. Groger as Brian and Benny both began to smile.

"Oh, it won't be, sir!" Said Brian as he began to gather the scattered documents and pictures, then proceeded to stuff them into his suitcase once again. "I promise you, you won't regret this!"

"Let's hope not." Said Mr. Groger as he suddenly seemed to gain a last-minute sense of reality. "Because if it is, you're both fired."

"OH, well, I didn't really find any of--" Began Benny, suddenly thinking this was a bad idea, However he was stopped when Brian grabbed his shoulder and pushed him toward the door.

"Don't worry, sir. This one's going to be big." Brian smiled to Mr. Groger, then pushed Benny out the door as he followed. Benny grabbed his yellow colored coat as he walked with Brian toward the front door.

"If we get fired for this, you're a dead man." Said Benny as he looked back at Brian. He then slipped his coat on and opened the door, stepping out ahead of Brian. Brian then took a deep breath, now hoping he was right about this. He reached out to stop the door from closing, then proceeded out as well.


A few days had passed. Brian and Benny had just parked their car outside the white house property. The car was old and rusted and every section of it seemed to be a different color. Brian and Benny didn't look much better either, wearing their classic detective coats. The engine seemed almost like it was dieing as Brian shut it off and the doors creaked open as they stepped out. Brian placed a cigarette in his mouth and bent it as he lit the end of it, where as Benny just stuffed his hands into his pockets after closing the door on his side. Brian closed his door as well and they began to look around. Several other reporters had shown up, just as they expected. This was the white house, after all.

They had spent the last few days preparing for this. They made calls, visited websites, and a number of other things that might be considered illegal, including underhanded deals with shady characters in dark allies in exchange for information, all to give them a chance at getting their story before anyone else did. They even had several documents of information, which Benny had to carry, just in case they needed to persued the government into talking. They were now approaching the gates to join the other reporters. They pushed their way through until they were near the front and waited for someone to come out.

"Are you sure this is a good idea?" Asked Benny. "There's so many reporters here. Some of them are bound to hear us."

"I know." Said Brian as he took another puff off his cigarette. "There's no other way. We'll have to release some of our information in order to get them to speak with us privately. Besides, for all we know, it could help us."

"But can't we find a way to sneak in?"

"Well, If you want to get shot, then go for it."

At that time, everyone began to turn toward the street as a limousine began pulling up. There were four police motorcycles in the front and four in the back, along with several police squad cars which located themselves around the other side of the limo as it pulled up in front of the gate just behind the crowd of reporters. Brian and Benny looked momentarily as several guards came out of the vehicle and began organizing the crowd into two groups, forming a path from the gate to the back of the limo.

"Looks like they don't want to deal with any of us." Said Benny disappointedly.


Inside the white house Barack Obama was getting ready to leave. He was wearing a full black suit and was just adjusting his tie in the mirror when there was a knock at the door. The door opened slowly as a man wearing a gray suit, apparently a secretary of some sort, stuck his head into the room.

"Mr. President, your limo has arrived." Said the secretary as Barack nodded to him in the mirror.

"Thanks, Sam." Said Barack as he straightened his jacket. He then turned and headed toward the door as Sam stepped aside to allow him passage through. He then he followed after the president, closing the door behind them.


All of the reporters began to liven up and push against the fence as the front doors of the white house began to open. Brian and Benny even began leaning out passed the guards a little in order to get a better look. As they did, president Barack Obama as well as the first lady, stepped out along with a hand full of security guards and a couple of secretaries. The president and the first lady began to wave as they stepped out.

"I think I have an idea." Said Brian as he began pushing his way through the crowd to get as close to the path to the limo as possible.

"You do?" Asked Benny, not entirely believing him as he pushed his way through the crowd as well.

Photographs began to be taken as the president and the first lady drew nearer. The security guards were forced to double their efforts to hold back the crowd as some of them were now leaning out with microphones in order to ask the president some questions. Brian couldn't help feeling a little inadequate as all he had with him was a tape recorder. He had to push that feeling aside, though, for he had a job to do. He leaned out with his tape recorder as the president began to pass by.

"Mr. President, if I could just have a moment?" Shouted Brian as he moved down the crowd, however the president wouldn't even look at him. Soon they were at the limo and Brian decided to turn his attention toward the secretary as the president began to get in. "Mr. Secretary, could I have a moment of your time?"

"The president is on his way to a very important meeting." Said the secretary. "So if you'll excuse us, we're running a little late." Feeling that the matter was settled, the secretary turned to enter the vehicle, however Brian chose to speak anyway.

"Mr. Secretary, I've heard rumors that you're involved in a growing assassination plot against the president." The secretary stopped and turned toward Brian, now with a very stern look on his face.

"That's a lie, and you know it." Said the secretary warningly. Brian knew he had hit a nerve and decided to go with it.

"Is it now? I have information that proves you have ties with the mafia as well as other like minded organizations. Your family has a history of racism and so do the people you hang out with. I would really hate for that to get out, wouldn't you?" The secretary still looked stern, but now a little worry seemed to show in his eyes. As Benny caught up, the secretary took Brian's arm and began pulling him aside.

"Come with me." Said the secretary calmly.

Soon they had left the crowd, but they continued to walk a ways away from the limo. The security guards were having a hard time holding back the crowd now, as obviously something was going on. Eventually the secretary turned back toward Brian and Benny, a look of fury in his eyes.

"What do you want?!" Demanded the secretary, obviously having a hard time keeping his temper in check now that they were away from people.

"We have information that ties the government's activities with those of aliens." Said Brian, a smug expression on his face. "Every time there's a UFO sighting or a crop circle, the government seems to hold a meeting."

"Of course we do." Said the secretary. "We're trying to figure out what's causing it."

"Are you?" Asked Benny with a raised brow. "Our information shows that you also hold meetings with other world leaders, some countries you even plan to unite with such as Mexico and Canada and as this alien activity has increased so has our technology. Not to mention our currency."

"That's ridiculous!" Said the secretary, becoming even more furious.

"Ever since Roswell, people have been living better and technology has flourished." Continued Brian. "Very recently it's become more frequent and what do we see? Nanotechnology? Hover vehicles in testing phases?"

"Either the government is in contact with aliens, or you're using that as a cover-up to hide what you're really up to." Concluded Benny. The secretary seemed to appear worried for a second, but then just smiled to them.

"Do the two of you have any wives or kids?" Asked the secretary. "Parents, siblings or friends? I would sure hate to see any of them get hurt."

"Are you threatening us?" Asked Brian, his smug expression now gone as well as Benny's.

"No." Said the secretary. "I'm just saying that there's nothing happening. There is no assasination plot, there are no aliens or secret technology, end of story!"

In that moment, a bright flash of light filled the whole area, making everything around appear violet for a moment. Everyone covered their eyes instinctively, then when the light died, there was a pulsing high pitch sound coming from above the white house. Slowly, everyone uncovered their eyes and began to turn toward it. There, above the presidential building, was a flying metallic disk with blue and violet running lights on the bottom moving in opposite directions. Some people stood in awe while others began taking pictures, and the president stepped out of the limo along with his wife. Brian and Benny were both stunned to see an actual flying saucer right before their eyes, and they stood there with their mouths hanging open for a moment along with the secretary they were with.

"Can I quote you on that?" Asked Brian as he slowly held up his tape recorder in front of the secretary's face.