Alrighty, here's you a new oneshot, one I'm rather partial to. It was fun to write and fun to read. I hope you like it.

For a Demon's Protection

Hell found me.

It really shouldn't have surprised me; that's usually what happens when one runs away from God. But can you really blame me?

All the expectations were stifling -have you ever tried being perfect? Well, let me tell you, it's not an easy task. You can never get angry, agitated, or nervous. The Planets forbid you show any negative emotions. Don't wrinkle your robes, don't ruffle your wings, and your hair must always be absolutely straight. Besides, have you seen those halos? Why on Heaven would they think I'd be caught dead wearing one of those? Yet they are -miraculously- mandatory.

Add to that the lack of variety in the landscape, day in and day out all you see is white. White hair, white robes, white trees, white grass. I feel like I live in a winter wonderland all year round-minus the snow. I want some color, thank you very much.

The air is practically made of hymns, and I grew tired of listening to harps, violins, and flutes by the age of five. Then I became God's Apprentice and prayers got added to the cacophony.

My father was thrilled when I received my Calling. And why not? I was the first ever Aungel (that's a female Angel by the way) to ever have the honor. It has been a long standing tradition that only Angel's can become a God, and I was in no big hurry to break such an ancient custom.

There was so much I'd never seen, so many things I wanted to do. I was still young; I wanted to get out of Heaven and see the Universe! Fall in love.

Love. That was another thing my father and I didn't exactly see eye to eye on. He thought I should settle down with a nice, respectable Angel. Someone who would 'take care of me'-reign me in and tie me down is more like it. Love isn't supposed to put blinders on someone. Love is meant to send your world upside down, and turn it inside out! I want a love that will send me soaring higher then my wings have ever lifted me.

I didn't want some feathery sheep my father had plucked from the flock. I wanted a real man, someone not afraid of being different. I wanted someone who would sweep me off my feet and send my head spinning in euphoria. I wanted someone exciting and fresh.

I had seen a Demon once before (father would flip if he knew), and I'll admit, I had never seen anyone quite so appealing before. He was as tall as any Angel I'd ever encountered, but broader, more muscular. And definitely darker. He wasn't nearly as sterile in looks as most Angels are. This Demon was temptingly wicked as opposed to an Angel's usual crystal-cut perfection.

I was so sick of perfection! There's only so much a girl can take.

Maybe that's what got me into this mess. I got bored. So I stole (stole is such an ugly term...I prefer borrowed-without-the-intention-of-returning) a small starstone ring Blessed to cloak one's presence. Sadly the Blessing is temporary and I barely made it to a remote planet I'd only read about on the scrolls in the library when I was studying to become God's apprentice. This planet (Earth I believe it was called) was populated by normal humans and practically swimming in demons and shadows. I'd even heard of a few higher ranking Demons that occupied the mass of rock and water.

In short, it was the perfect hiding place; no one would ever think to look for me there. In retrospect, I probably should have anticipated the demons finding me, as the planet was teeming with them.

Unlike the tasty Demon I'd spied on previously, these little beasties were in no sense of the word attractive. Most weren't even remotely humanoid. Even in the light of the midday sun they somehow remained shrouded in shadows. Eerie glowing eyes watched me from all directions; some green, some red, and some the enchanting gold of a droplet of flame.

They slithered, stalked, and crawled around me in a tense anticipatory circle. I honestly didn't think I'd be able to fight them all off, especially if they attacked at the same time.

There was a brief moment where all the light seemed to be sucked from the world around me and I'm afraid I might have panicked before I regained my sight seconds later.

But can you blame me? I was on a foreign world surrounded by hostile deman-spawn, and all of a sudden everything goes black. I had plenty of reasons to freak out, if you ask me.

I found myself blinking, bedazzled by the rush of light overwhelming my senses once more.

When I could see again, I noticed my stalkers had ceased their restless pacing; their eyes were still focused on my form, though.

"Well, well, well. What a lovely little treasure my pets have caught for me." A deep voice rumbled in my ear.

I gasped in shock and spun to face this new threat, my wings whipping out to help me retain my balance. I noticed a few demons recoil at the sharp sound and movement.

My eyes almost popped out of my head when I saw him. I had never before seen someone quite so delicious. He was nearly two heads taller then me, and devastatingly handsome. His ear length crimson tresses glowed with golden highlights, and his skin was a few shades lighter then my own. His colossal wings were made up of black scales that, I noticed, also trailed down his back and along his shoulders. His eyes were of a similar color, and they gleamed with wicked amusement.

"What's an innocent little Aungel like you doing so far away from Heaven. Don't you know Earth is not safe?" He continued, his voice pouring over me like warm, golden sunlight.

I didn't say anything. I couldn't! My voice seemed to be stuck in my throat somewhere, even though my mouth hung wide open in a fair imitation of a black hole.

My eyes were glued to his face, and I would have gladly stared at him for the rest of eternity. I had a feeling he knew it too, because his lips curved into a sensuous, evil smile. A knowing smile.

"Aren't you afraid of me, little Aungel?" He asked, eyes dancing with his amusement.

I wasn't afraid of him, and I would have told him as much had I not choked on those very words as the alarm sounded. It wasn't something a normal human would be capable of hearing as it was set on a spiritual level. Even a high ranking Demon might not know what it was they were sensing.

I had been expecting this, but not quite so soon. I still had another hour left of 'Prayer Answering'. Such a sacred time was never interrupted, unless...unless God knew I was no longer in the Listening Chamber.

I felt so stupid in that instant; of course God knew I wasn't in the Listening Chamber. He was God! It was his job to know everything. That also meant they knew where I was.

I couldn't have been thinking straight when I made my next move. All that mattered at that moment was that I did not want to go back. I could only see one solution though, and I grabbed onto it with both hands and wings.

"Please!" I pleaded, stepping closer to the Demon, my eyes wide and imploring, "Please, hide me! Don't let them catch me; I don't want to go back!" What was I doing, this was insane! He was a Demon, was that little bit of information just not registering in my brain?

He looked vaguely surprised before understanding lit his obsidian eyes and his lips curved upwards in an inviting smile, "And what are you willing to give me in return for my protection, little one?" he inquired.

I blinked at him in incomprehension and he chuckled in amusement, "Surely you didn't expect to receive my services for free. I'm a Demon, Littling. I must receive something in return for helping you." His voice was practically a purr, sending shivers down my spine and gooseflesh along my arms.

"But-I don't have anything to give you." I returned, frowning now. My heart had just sunk to the pit of my stomach. I really didn't want to go back.

"Oh, I wouldn't say that, sweetling." He murmured, stepping closer to me. "You could always give me your Name." He paused, as if expecting me to say something. I didn't, so he continued. "Or, if that's too great a price, I would accept this." He tapped a claw on the stone pendant that dangled around my neck.

"My Birth Stone?" I gasped, my hand rising to clasp the stone. It was a beautiful crystal of the deepest amber with starburst of emerald imbedded in its enchanting core. Every Angel was given one upon their Naming Day. Each was unique to their Angel, and highly treasured. To give him my stone would be putting my life in his hands, literally. Angels, like Demon's, are Immortal- as long as their stone is kept safe. Unfortunately the stones are more fragile then fine glass, and once shattered the Angel has mere hours left to live.

But to give him my Name was to give him control over me. It was the ultimate sign of trust or love among Angels. I didn't have long to debate over what to do, I could feel the Angels coming closer. My decision was made before I was aware I was even contemplating it. I cast one last worried look around my surroundings before saying, "My name is Seera."

A wide grin spread over the Demon's features and I felt an arm snake around my waist to pull me flush against his tall form.

Angels began appearing around us. Some were armed, and others carried medical supplies. I heard them calling to me (Sarah being the name I normally go by) I ignored them and leaned into my Demon, closing my eyes as a chilled darkness descended over us.

While Demons and Angel's have wings, we have other means to travel that is much faster. Angels can use their innate 'holy power' to transport themselves from place to place as long as the place they are going has not been tainted with Shadow.

Demons on the other hand, can Shadow Jump. It's a nifty little trick they picked up centuries ago that allowed them to travel anywhere as long as there was a shadow in the area. Truly there was no place not open to them if they so wished to visit. And that was a frightening thought for most Angels. Right now I couldn't think of a better blessing.

While the Angels couldn't follow us immediately, they knew where to find me. I mean, seriously, where else would a Demon take an Angel if not to Hell, that is where they live after all.

I knew they wouldn't just give up. It was very likely they thought he'd just kidnapped me. By allowing myself to be taken by him it was very possible I'd started another Demon/Angel war. Somehow I couldn't bring myself to care. There was nothing I could do about it now. I was out of their reach; I belonged to the Demon now.

Moments later we had arrived in a lavish red and black sitting room. He stood behind me then, his arms around my waist and his nose buried in my neck. "I hope you like it, sweetling, because you're going to be living here for a very long time.

Whatever had possessed me to give a Demon my Name, I didn't know. What I did know, was that I would never have to return to Heaven. I was free from my cage, only to find a new leash around my neck.

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