love is more than "I love you"
sweet notes and many fun games.
more than just the words you say
songs that you write with my name.

love is more than just a kiss
through tears and hard, cold shoulders
waiting to hold those teardrops
sizzling on power struggles below

love is more than being there
embracing to heal our aching hearts
stirring up bowls of warm oatmeal,
bowls of peaches and cream.

love is more than just title
a status in school and popularity
crowning you with new friends
and more bathroom stall chatter.

love is more than a relationship
baby, it's more than you and me,
the time we spent together
staring at the stars; laughing at nothing at all

love is more than just a smile
a warm blush and two dimples
spreading the sight of birth on our faces
from one sight in the other's direction…

love is more than what you think it is
embracing, kissing, smiling, laughing
or even bringing down the tears.
love is simply something more.

love is a way of life.