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The Elusives

Chapter 1

The little droplets of water splashed against the window of the dark blue car. The clouds were a grayish color, giving off a mood of unhappiness which is just what Kailey Stormbridge was feeling. She rested her head against the cold pane of the glass. She let out a heavy sigh and took out her headphones as they were nearing their new house. Kailey's mom, Allison, turned back to check her seventeen year old daughter. They're gazes locked onto each other's and Allison looked away quickly. Nothing would ever be the same between them and they knew it. Kailey's father, Ted, kept his eyes on the road ahead. Kailey dropped her eyes to her lap and took in a sharp breath. When she looked back up, Ted had parked in the driveway of their new home. Kailey got out first, grabbed her suitcases and walked inside before her parents did.

Her sneakers squeaked against the floor because of the wetness of her shoes. She took in her surroundings. The floors were a light wood color, seemed like Maple to her and the walls were a plain white. She turned to her left to find her bedroom. She stepped into a fairly large room and set her bags on the bed. The room had sky blue colored walls which Kailey loved dearly. She put her hand to the wall and closed her eyes. A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.

"We're getting pizza for dinner, what would you like?" Allison asked quietly. Kailey paused for a moment.

"Um, I'll have pepperoni and sausage please," Kailey replied softly. Allison nodded and left the room as quietly as she could. That was the most of their conversations these days. Two sentences to each other. Kailey couldn't blame her parents for not wanting to speak with her. It was all her fault for what happened. Kailey took a seat on her bed and zoned out.

"LANEY! LANEY! Where are you?!" Kailey shrieked through the freezing rain and the fierce wind that blew against her face almost pushing her backwards. Leaves and branches smacked her face but she didn't care.



"It's too late now…" a deep male voice said. There was an ear shattering scream and then-

Kailey squeezed her eyes shut as she shook her head. She opened her light blue eyes and scanned her room. She stood up and walked to the bathroom next to her bedroom. She ran the sink and splashed cold water in her face trying to wash away the memories. Kailey looked closely in her eyes. They were a light blue but if you look closely enough, you could see specks of gray in them. She took her hair out of its ponytail and let her dark brown hair fall gracefully past her shoulders. She ran her fingers through her hair and winced in pain as some of her hair got caught with the rings she was wearing. Kailey sighed and walked back to her room. She laid down and stared up at the ceiling which had white stars painted along the blue covered wall. She closed her eyes and rested her hands on her stomach. Nothing would ever be the same for Kailey. But little did she know she wasn't alone.


"I'm not stalking her! We're merely walking in the same direction," Shadow said confidently with his head held high. Zoey snorted. Shadow smirked his famous smirk at her and ran his fingers through his shaggy brown hair. He crossed his arms and Zoey raised an eyebrow at him. "I wasn't."

"Whatever," she said as she flipped her black hair over her shoulder. Her green eyes shown brightly at him. "Tell that to her when she files a retraining order against you." Shadow stuck his tongue out at her and Zoey flipped him off. She shifted in her black boots. She was wearing a red, plaid skirt, a black top, and black leggings. Shadow was wearing jeans and a regular shirt he chose randomly from his closet.

"Hey guys," Kaydence said in a perky tone. As she made her way towards them, her blonde hair bounced around slightly. She studied them with her brown eyes and smiled. "Hmm, I'm sensing some hostility. Another argument perhaps?"

"Kay, you don't need a sixth sense to know we were having another argument," Shadow replied matter-of-factly. Her smile widened.

"No, but it helps," she countered. "Now come here."

"No way. Keep your magic hands away from me," Shadow said backing away. Kaydence giggled and hit his arm.

"Another fight?" Zander asked as he opened his locker. Zander had his black hair in little spikes and was dressed in dark jeans, and a black shirt with a gray jacket. Kaydence smile widened once again if it were possible.

"Hmm, maybe I'm not the only one with a sixth sense," Kaydence laughed. Zander smiled.

"Nah, I have a thing called common sense. Although, I think most people have that. With the exception of Shadow of course," he grinned. Shadow narrowed his eyes at him. "Please Shadow, you don't and never will have laser eyes."

"Shut up, Zander," Shadow shot back. Zoey's mouth dropped and she smacked his arm. "Geez, what's with everyone hitting me today?"

"Don't tell Zander to shut up. Only Kaydence and I get to," Zoey said crossing her arms over her chest.

"Aw, I'm totally sensing a vibe between Zoë and Zander," Kaydence giggled. Zoey narrowed her eyes at Kaydence.

"Shut up, Kay." She raised her hands up in defense and tried to look innocent. When Zander began laughing, some of the tension was gone. Then again, that could have been Kaydence's doing. Suddenly, she dropped her hands and paused. She sensed something but couldn't quite figure it out. She had a feeling in the pit of her stomach. "Kay, what is it?" She didn't respond and just stood there with a questioning look on her face. "Kay, what's wrong?"

"Huh? Oh, I'm sure it's nothing. Come on Zoey, we better get to class," she said putting on a perky face. Zoey nodded and waved goodbye to the two boys before walking off in the direction of room two-hundred-eighteen.

"Mind telling me what really happened back there Kaydence?" Zoey whispered. Kaydence sighed.

"I…sensed something. I don't know what, but I did." Zoey furrowed her brows in confusion.

"Good or bad?" she asked as they walked into the classroom. Kaydence took a seat in her desk which was to the right of Zoey's desk. She leaned forward and so did Zoey.

"It was a mixed signal. I can't really tell," she whispered before biting her lip and backing away. She turned her attention to the front of the classroom with a worried expression on her face, Zoey's mirroring her face. "Come here, Zoey." Zoey leaned forward a bit and Kaydence placed her hand on Zoey's forehead. Kaydence closed her eyes and Zoey's heart rate became a tad bit slower. Kaydence pulled her hand away and opened her eyes. Zoey smiled.

"Thanks Kay," she smiled. Kaydence smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

"No problem."


Allison's heels clinked and clanked as she took steps down the empty halls of Widow High School with Kailey to her right in her black converse sneakers. Occasionally they would glance at each other, but for the most part Allison looked ahead while Kailey looked down at her feet. Kailey had on a pair of tight jeans, a white top that showed a little bit of her cleavage with a black hoodie over it. She had rings on her fingers and a few silver bracelets on her right wrist. Allison was dressed in a simple knee-length, black skirt and a pastel pink top. They stopped before the office doors and stepped inside.

"Hello," Allison said sweetly. The secretary smiled at her.

"How can I help you today?"

"My daughter…" Allison gulped. "Um, she needs her schedule since we just moved here and we also have a meeting with the principal."

"Kailey Stormbridge I presume?" Kailey nodded as the woman behind the desk handed her a piece of paper that listed her classes. "And he's ready to see you now." Allison nodded and walked in the direction of the principal's office with Kailey right behind her. She knocked on the oak door.

"Come in," a male voice said from inside. The door creaked open and the two women stepped inside. The principal looked up, smiled warmly at the two of them, and stood up. "Hello, I'm Mr. Johnson and you must be Kailey." She just nodded. "And this must be Mrs. Stormbridge." Allison smiled as she shook his hand. "Please have a seat and welcome to Widow High School Kailey."

The two women took a seat in the navy blue, cushioned chairs in front of Mr. Johnson's desk. Kailey studied him for a bit. He had short brown hair, almost black, and matching dark brown eyes. His eyes were very cold and did not seem as welcoming as his voice portrayed. He took off his reading glasses and stared back intently at Kailey. She gritted her teeth for a reason she didn't know why. His eyes shifted to her mother and Allison pursed her lips.

"So, you and your husband moved here. What's the occasion?" he joked. Kailey closed her eyes before tears started to fall. Allison swallowed a lump in her throat.

"Um, we'd rather not talk about it," she rasped. His face fell.

"I'm so sorry. Anyway, I just need you to sign these papers and then we can get Kailey to her classroom. Yes?" Kailey laid back in her seat and slumped. Allison nodded and took out a black pen from her purse. Kailey stared out the window to see the weather just as depressing as the day before but this time it wasn't raining. She watched as the orange and yellow leaves fell from their trees and sighed. Before she knew it, it was time to get to class. "Let me see your schedule Kailey…Ah, you have English in room two-hundred-eighteen. Let's go."

Mr. Johnson led them through the halls until they were right in front of the door. He told her to wait outside and stepped into the room. A couple minutes later he stepped out.

"Alright Kailey, this is your stop. Have a good time. If you need anything, don't be afraid to step by my office ok?" Kailey stared coldly at him. His dark brown eyes wandered down her body and then back up to her blue eyes. Kailey was completely disgusted that this man just checked her out. She could see the smirk starting to form on his lips and quickly, as Allison didn't notice, he licked his lips. He smiled at her, winked, and walked away. She could feel the puke rising in her throat but held it back. She couldn't believe the only other place she could go to is a school with a perverted principal. Not that he did anything wrong besides being creepy. But you can't get arrested for being creepy. She exchanged a look with her mother before stepping inside the classroom.

As soon as she walked in, all eyes fell on her. Her eyes fell on a girl who had blonde hair and pretty brown eyes. Their gazes locked on each other for a few seconds before Kailey looked away. She turned to the teacher and was relieved it was a woman. If the principal was perverted, she didn't want to risk a teacher being perverted too.

"You're Kailey right?" the woman asked kindly. She nodded. "I'm Mrs. Davis."

Kaydence let out a small gasp for air and Zoey looked at her with concern. She leaned forward.

"Kaydence, what's up?"

"It's her. She's the one I sensed this morning. Zoey she's-"

"Kaydence and Zoey please be quiet," Mrs. Davis said in a stern but sweet voice. Kaydence stopped mid sentence and nodded. She looked over at Zoey and signaled that she'd write it down. Zoey nodded. "Everyone this is Kailey Stormbridge, she's new around here so cut her some slack and don't be rude. Have a seat Kailey."

Kailey looked around and took the only available seat there was which was right behind the blonde haired girl with brown eyes who was scribbling frantically.

Kaydence dropped the piece of paper on the floor and Zoey leaned forward to pick it up. She unfolded it and her eyes widened as she read what was written.

She's one of us.