there is no silence in this place,
there is no room to breathe within this space
my head cluttered with screaming thoughts
plotting everywhere like stubborn blood clots
i can't hear anything besides crashing symbols
loud and obnoxious, like splitting thimbles
my ears are melting and my hearing is almost lost
everything fumbling and beginning to criss-cross
but a small, soft melody is leaning my way
its echoing continually, it has something to say
one single voice, chanting a song
about everything were doing wrong
a harmony breaking through the noise
it wants to help us with our life's poise
something about it makes it sound so trusting
speaking of stopping our lying and lusting
it has so much truth to it's lovely written lyrics
telling us we all have a calling, far beyond our basics
the voice is drawing us near, telling me to embrace him
his song still continues; a gorgeous little hymn
it's killing the volume of my overriding thoughts,
the softness to his voice is freezing the gunshots
i fall into his arms, i fall into his song
tied into his embrace, i know is where i belong
there's so much silence that could fill this place
there's so much hope within this space
we just need to stop and to listen, listen and love
to the one who tells us to hear his voice from up above.