The Perfect Guy


One could say that Tara Jamieson falls in love often. In fact, she falls in love all the time.

One time, she saw the perfect kimono top and it had been on her mind constantly – in her dreams and her every waking hour. She couldn't rest until she had it.

Or shoes. Now they could get her in serious trouble.

Other times, it would be cities and countries she'd visited and wanted to stay in forever.

Most times, though, it was men – beautiful, arrogant, cocky assholes.

Falling in love easily was one her most charming and, according to her best friend Brandon, most exasperating traits. Tara knew it wouldn't have bothered him so much if she had one grain of good taste. It was regrettable that she didn't. Her numerous boyfriends (and she still laughs at the disdain on Brandon's face every time that word falls from his lips) were worse than shit most of the time. Brandon knew this. Tara knew this. Hell, the world knew this.

And when Tara ends up broken-hearted, which she does everysingle time, she would cry herself to sleep on Brandon's couch. He would always be there for her, listening to her rant and vent, not quite trying to comfort her, but not not either.

It had been during one of those too-frequent times that Brandon had suggested she pace herself and perhaps take the time to find someone she could have a long-lasting relationship with.

There had been a dazed silence in which she tried to process the fact that that bit of insight had come from Brandon. As in, Brandon Kemp, the ultimate wham, bam, thank you ma'am-er. Brandon Kemp, the guy who's probably never been without a girl to warm his bed on weekends ever since he was sixteen. Her best friend Brandon. That Brandon.

"Or you could go on having sex with every asshole at hand who offers his services, until you've had enough. Whichever works best."

Tara had laughed so hard, snot flew out of her nose (she had been in the midst of a post-break up bawl, after all).

Now, three months later, she wished she had never listened to him.


to be continued.

A/N: This one's super short for now, but I do have an idea of what's going to happen in the future chapters. So stay tuned if you want, and let me know what you think :D