I'm not quite sure what it is that draws me to you
Maybe it's that damn cute smile you've got
Or that shy, exterior, oh so innocent
I think it's the fact I feel different when you're around

And time shifts ever so slowly
But not quite slowly enough for me
Maybe just a few more moments dear?
I love it when you're near

Come on, the world is yours
You can pick from a stream, river, or a sea
Hell what are the odds that you'd ever
Ever pick me

And I can say in all honestly
Nobody makes me feel how you make me feel
Comfortable and yet un, at the same time
It's kind of like lemon and lime, ya know?

It'd be like winning the lottery if you picked me
Those odd's aren't very good
But you know what? I don't care
The prize is what I'm after, your heart.