Hey! This is another poem I wrote last year. I actually posted it on my blog in myspace ... but I deleted all of them LOL so I decided to put some of them here. From a request from a friend this poem will be dedicated to James (but don't think I like him because I dont!). I should have safed his comment and pasted it here LOL anyways I want to say thank you to these two people for reviewing:

Kristie Maire & lisagal

Thank you guys! Anyhow enjoy and remember to review:

Waiting, Hoping, Dreaming

I can't keep waiting
For a confession
I will never hear.
I can't keep hoping
For the day
Your courage is found.
I can't keep dreaming
For the long-awaited
Touch of your lips.
But here I am,
Still waiting, hoping, dreaming
For the moment you say
'I love you'