Caramel Muffins, Drama, and Turtles

And it's only when muffins, drama, and turtles come together then pigs drive trains when the little birdy goes beep. Don't you wish the quarter wasn't quite so big and life wasn't so extra. And then I vanished into the world of men, not of power like today, I mean the world of men. Of swords, and shields, of magic, and might. And so here I was in the middle of class, fighting dragons, and wars and all that my brain could imagine. And then she stepped in front, a woman in a blue dress. Suddenly up her swept the Grey Knight and he pulled her upon his lion and they sped of in hot pursuit and I knew I must follow as I climbed upon my bear and he barreled down through the trees into a spectacular cave of diamonds. And the we fought me and the knight, parry dodge and strife. And my mace struck in just the right place and wounded I allowed him to mount and ride off and therefore I had won my love the pretty lady in the blue dress, and then we rode off.