opal reflections from colored lights
dancing along the iced floor
skirts twirling, sparkling
standing ovations for the girl
each movement brings a snowy white
into the atmosphere
perfect lines and curves write
"beauty" all over the glass floor
the show is over
her skates come to a stop
the crowd cries and cheers
read the letters that she wrote
footprints of her life now chips in the ice
she walks out the door
no regrets does she feel
her performance had been well done

grandmom, from heaven you are reading this
this show represents your life
grab a rose from the ice
close your eyes with it on your chest,
your laid to rest.
may tranquility fill your mind
tuck yourself in warm colors
shades of faith, hope, love and grace
the lights now are fading
the room turns to black
the day of life says good-bye
sleep peacefully, my love.