my little glass elephant

one look at it's small body
in my hands, just smiling there
with a red heart shining on it's chest
and one bubble in it's center
reminds me of how much I missed you

daddy, I remember how much I cried
how many nights I wish you'd hug me
and teach me more about drawing
you were always the best in my eyes

daddy, I remember how much I thought of you
how many nights that I wish we could pick
bright carrots from the garden,
rinse it with the hose
and eat it in the sun together

daddy, I remember how much I cried for you
how many nights I wished I was playing kickball
or riding on your lap in your parents' red tractor
or planting small gardens by your side.

daddy, I remember how much fun we had
how you'd take us to the park
make meatloaf, mashed potatoes, corn
and crack jokes that would make me laugh

daddy, I remember how close we were
the great friends we used to be
despite how mommy clouded my mind with smoke
my memory kept your face clean

daddy, I remember dreaming on the swing set
life never felt real when I was little
dreams and reality I always got confused
in my young brain, not quite matured
yet I am pretty sure I dreamed of seeing you.

one look at my little glass elephant
reminds me of fighting with you about naps
how much a waste of life I thought it to be
a waste of time, time for you and me

one look at my little glass elephant
brings me back to a time when I was young
cherishing the little bit of time in your presence
and missing you as I when you were gone...

one look at my little glass elephant
the one that you gave me
stays in my jewelry box, or in my purse
a place that is close to me
one that holds my memories dear
my memories of you and me.