I gasped at October appearing before my eyes. I had been crying for so long, I barely heard the wind shift.

"Shh, shh." October consoled me. She held me close in her arms, and whispered. "Shh…. I hate to see the people I like suffer. Especially over me. Please, no more tears. The world is cold enough without you making it worse."

"But, how?" I say, astonished. "How could you ever like someone like me?"

"Are you kidding?" October asks sarcastically. "Look at you!" She fingered my hair gently. "You're hair is this deep black that holds so much secret and mystery. It falls over your shoulder in an almost depressingly poetic way." She cups my cheek and I gasp for air. "Your skin is so smooth and creamy. It brings out your dark green eyes. They look as like a dragon's would. They are fierce, strong, and filled with hidden passion." She giggled. "Much like yourself, Cecil."

"I…" I looked away. "I am not anything like that…" She cupped my cheek again, this time with both hands, and forced me to face her with a quiet gentleness.

"Don't doubt my words. You are everything and more. It is I who does not deserve you, my dear Cecil. You hide yourself from so many. You never let them see how fierce and proud you can be. In truth, you make me tremble in fear and awe."

"I--what?" I choked out. October nodded.

"It's true. I adore you. I've never told anyone my real name before. I knew you were different, special, from the moment you called out to me. I was so glad that you came to every show I'd ever done."

"Really? You seemed to never notice me." My eyes fell down to my hands as my words melted to meer mumbles.

"I made it so. I couldn't have my heart beating that fast while doing a show. I would screw up. I could have changed someone into a butterfly because of you." She gave a light chuckle.

"I… I'm sorry… If I had known--" I looked away.

"If you had known, and not come to my shows, I would have been heartbroken. You gave me a reason to be cute and clever on stage. You made me bold. It's because of you that I embraced my gifts as a witch, and showed them proudly on stage when death threatened. If not for you, I would be in my room awaiting for the police to stop searching for me. I would have never had this much fun, and…. I would never know what love feels like…" October blushed.

"L-Love…?" I turned back, astonished. "I… Um…"

"It's true. I love you, Cecil." October closed her eyes, and pressed her lips on mine in a feathery kiss.

I held on to this feeling as long as I could. I couldn't believe this was happening! To think! Me!

I held her close and tight against me as we sat amidst all of the pumpkins in this little meadow. Here. Where she was born and raised. On Halloween.

Oh! I almost forgot!!

"October…" I pulled her away. She looked at me with steamy eyes.


"I almost forgot…" I reached behind the giant pumpkin we were sitting on and pulled out a bag with her name scribbled on it with a quill pen. "Here. Happy birthday."

"Oh…" She blinked. "Cecil…" She looked at me and smiled. "Thank you." She tossed the bag aside and whispered, "But all I really wanted was you."

"U-Uh--" I stammered.

She pressed her lips against mine too quickly for me to say another word.

Happy Halloween!

Okay, okay, I admit I changed what Cecil had written for October's description. She didnt do it as nicely. But that was all, I swear! Anyways, sorry I didnt update yesterday. Things got chaotic with me and a this girl Tori. We wouldnt shut up. Haha. Oh, and this is so late because I'm at a Halloween party and I probably wont get back home until late.

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Happy Halloween from both of us!