Today I dreamt the imaginary stranger
She leaned against my shoulder softly
White sheets swallowing up her body
An antique wedding dress she said

She rolled up butterflies into cigarettes
And smoked them while she sang
Little smoke balloons floating from her lips
And words so blue they bruised my jacket wet

Waves of burgundy wine flowed down her back
It tasted like dried up sunshine and sweat
But her eyes said that she was an ancient pallet
Hiding beneath her skin like a frightened child
Pretending between her legs to be grown up

She said that she hid secrets amid the spaces of her teeth
And if I looked closely I could see the cracks of leaves
Sunflowers growing on the top of her tongue
Petals curling at the edges like crushed dreams

I brush my lips against her hair
While her hands extend upwards
Catching on the stars
Cutting at her fingertips until they bleed
Piano keys and tragedies
Bent tears falling onto the ground
But she pretends she's not crying still

My imaginary stranger
How she pulls up her broken legs
Bare feet stained with half-forgotten memories
Walking away from me
On her sidewalk turned runway
Again she'll run away
Whisper songs into someone else's ear
Till they fall in love with my make-believe lady

But I promise no one will love her the way she wants
Cutting her up into lovely little woman pieces
Breaking her bones and cutting her hair
So she can slide away and die one death
Instead of thousands in the song she's sung