not the little girl in the picture frame
with long brown locks
and straight bangs
no; no longer me

days of being vertically challenged
are over as adulthood is kicking in
feeling like I was never young
that little girl was never me
like it was nothing that I could possibly have been

no more braids and barbies
no more pink lacey dresses
no more dreams of princesses
or white horses and knights.

no more milk and cookies
no more bedtime stories
life is aging more...

childhood is escaping
new life is replacing
my exodus of youth has begun

through life and it's lemon,
blueberries, and bananas
childhood slipped through my fingers

the common story of growing up
too soon, before her time
is the story of my life.

everyone has to grow up
for some reason
for sometime

and depression can be a way of maturity,
a way of growing up…

depression was behind my smile
it beat and scarred my soul
since has fled,
my heart's sewn up
somehow I'm made whole…

despite my many stitches
the scars that still remain
this is life,
this is love,
this is maturity
and growing up

no matter if I look the same
to you I'll tell the truth
that little girl is no longer me
ever since my exodus of youth.