"So Jason, who will it be?" A deep and commanding voice boomed down from above.

I had thought about this day a million times before, and never once have I questioned myself.

And yet…

And yet, on this very day I find myself having qualms.

Would this be a mistake?

A strong gush of wind came and literally blew me away. My misty, non-existent figure wavered in the air as images started flooding into me like slideshows, clogging my mind.

There before me she stood, gazing intently and squinting at the expensive artwork her mother had just bought. I chuckled lowly upon seeing her petite features scrunched up in a thoughtful expression, probably trying to figure out what the picture was supposed to be. I yearned to reach out and feel her messily plaited black locks, but I couldn't.

That image swarmed past me like a fast-flowing river, and instantly another image halted before me.

An image of her murmuring softly in her sleep after a long day of school, her black locks twirled mindlessly around her long lean fingers.

An image of her beaming absent-mindedly at a story book, after reading a cute line.

An image of her falling asleep on the couch, with the newspaper clutched firmly in her hand.

An image of her grinning coyly at the mailman…

I smiled.

All the doubts I had earlier washed away from me and I knew that I was making no mistake.

"Belle," I told the Voice with determination. "Belle Knowlands."

Good people are always rewarded, even after death you get your rewards.

Granted, in different ways.

In this case one would be given a chance to live again for three months.

One could no longer be human, for undoing death is impossible.

But one gets to exist as a spirit, a living soul.

One gets to exist.

But they can only be seen by one, and only by that one person they choose to be seen by.

The reason why they're here?

To help others live.

As simple as that.

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much love,
found.eventually (and LiMay. ehem.)