where have you been?
you have been missed.

away for awhile, gone for a time
but I'm ready for you now
three ways you always show me
show me that you're there
finally I am seeing your face again.

never had you left me
you love had always been so strong
but I turned away and mocked you
the hammer that hurt you was in my hands

receive me again, I am waiting
seeking for you again I come
renew me, restore me, reclaim me for you
sweet, sweet, sweet Adonai

your presence is swirling around me
so glad you are my air, my house
my fortress, my shelter, my blood
you are my everything

waiting for me you have been so long
surrender, surrender you whisper to me
you are awaiting my surrender
and I'm ready, so ready to be held by you
set free in your arms, and loved.

three people missed, one thought of me
they had been wondering where I was at
and you through them were telling me,
my child, I love you, I miss you, come back.

here I am, I am looking for you
my hands are raised up towards the sky
rain in my heart, in this useless desert
reign over my shards, my pieces, my fragments
bring your power through my surrender

all this time you never were condemning
you have been just patiently waiting
so I'm walking to you, and drinking your water
breathing in your fresh morning air

smelling your scent I will be
awaiting for such a revival
one look to the sky and I have been cleansed
thank you, sweet Adonai

loving you, missing you I, too, have been
running too long, far long out of breath
father, please forgive me

I am so glad you want me back.