Come Sunday Morning

These city lights
Look quite pretty but
They're fading out the stars
And I guess I'm tired of listening
To whatever I did wrong
But I can say I tried
And you can sit there asking why

But come Sunday morning
I will run away from here
To where I can finally rest my eyes
Maybe shed a single tear
Come Sunday morning

Find peace among
Forgotten trees that
Actually got to grow
And while I walk these city streets
I'll be chasing after stars
Until no one's there
I know you think that I don't care

And come Sunday morning
I'll be proving you right
But I refuse to fade away
Or to be taken from this night
Come Sunday morning
Come Sunday morning
I'll have a reason to leave this place
I can't submit to suffocation
Or even stand to see your face
Come Sunday morning

I made a promise long ago
That one day I would run away
'Til no one's around
Oh, somewhere I won't be found

Come Sunday morning
You'll be sitting in your pew
And you can pray and pray to save my soul
But I think that I'll push through (on my own)
Come Sunday morning
Yeah, come Sunday morning
So come, Sunday morning