"Have I disappeared

"Have I disappeared?"

"Do I even exist?"

I ask as I sit

here unnoticed.

No one seems to care.

They carry on with

their repeating daily


Music blaring in one ear;

chaos in the other.
Long gone are the

days of peace.

There are times like

these; when I would seek

a helping hand; talk with a

comforting voice, but no more.

I had friends, I lost them;

I gained a friend, I lost them also.

And so I've no one to talk to

in my time of need.

Slipping into oblivion, I

know not where I'm going.

"Anywhere is better than here."

I tell myself as I look

across the room at the

unforgiving, judgmental faces.

They hate me for not knowing me,

same as before.

I've been through Hell twice.

My burns recently healed,

have been reopened,

more painful than before;

and the elixir has been

taken from me.

Living in oblivion

the silence kills me.

To ease my sorrow, I sing

to myself.

Sing myself into an endless,

Painless, sleep.