My Candle

A new light entered my life after,

It seems like, centuries.

It warmed my heart after one too

Many an ice-cold heartbreak. My

Candle, my light to follow in the

Very cruelest times of darkness.

It gave me a reason to carry on. I

Knew it would always be there. Through

Any weather, at any time, I always had

My candle to get me through the day. In

Dark times, though I was afraid, my candle

was always there to lead the way.

Through time and space, my candle grows dim,

Though diligently still burning on. It still

Guides me, though it knows it not and it

Is the one fire that burns for me,

Not against. I can't take it

With me everywhere, but I still carry my

Candle with me.

I continue through my days, speeding

Towards the day when I will be able to

Give back the wax my candle had burnt

For me. I know not which day it will be,

But each day, I count down; each day I

Get closer to holding my candle in my

Hands once again.