Welcome to the Wonderful World of Love


Quick Introductions

At the beginning of each good story, there are introductions where the characters are introduced. You always have to have the introductions before the story. Well, here are my simple introductions.

There was Darren Rubyl, the month-older cousin who I've loved since forever and is like my twin brother, and there was Dar's best friend Randy Sterling, who I've also known since forever. Sure, there were other people; Lena Laskey, the only un-tomboy girl I trust, and Liam Mackintosh, Darren and Randy's best friend.

And, of course, there was me. Holly Reese Rubyl. The one with the holly berry red hair (hence my name) and holly leaf green eyes (again, hence my name). The one who hangs out with three guys and a girl.

Normally, there would be this cute little clip of life before the drastic-ness that creates the plot. Normally, there would be some stuff that leads up to the drama.

Well, guess what?

I'm not normal.

Yes, my drama and cliché happen very randomly, very out-of-the-blue.

Got a problem with that?

Well, I do too.

And there's nothing I can do about it.


I made some changes to that and re-posted it. So, as Holly says, the plot gets going pretty quickly.