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Marie's School

Oralee Marie Goldstein wasn't paying attention to the slightest what her English literature professor was saying. No, she had other things on her mind, such as the conversation she had had with Carson Urban the night before. He apparently actually liked a girl in No Where, Ohio.

If only he saw how much she really liked him, rather than just brush her actions off as teasing. If she was only a tease, she wouldn't have worked as hard as she did to keep their friendship every time he got mad at her. Marie looked down at the notebook she had been doodling in only to notice that she had actually drawn a fairly accurate picture of her major crush. She sighed and turned the page, beginning on a new doodle.

This time, she concentrated on designing a dress she planned to wear to a charity ball her mother was forcing her to go to. She had three weeks, and Emily Bilts-Zani had promised to sew her a dress if she could come up with a design or style. Marie had already chosen the periwinkle silk material and the Manolo Blahniks she would wear. Now, she only needed to design the dress.

She was short, so she decided that it couldn't go below knees. Loose skirt, tight at the waist and torso…no she was too flat to have too tight of a dress. Maybe slightly built in breasts… no, she'd rather expose her true flatness. Well, if she made it more like a toga… what the hell, toga? No!

Finally, Marie had a nice, V-neck design with a lace up back. A bubble skirt that would most likely go to just above her knees when Em added her original modesty. Maybe the accentuated waist would draw attention away from her flat chest. She'd have to talk to Em about that.

Marie sighed and glanced at the clock. She still had another five minutes of literature. This would never help her get into Julliard. Marie shook a hand into her long, curly, dark brown hair and sighed as the professor continued to drone on about Shakespeare. Marie glanced at the board with her brown eyes and sighed. Nothing she didn't already know from Carson.

Finally, the bell rang and Marie grabbed her stack of books and her Jimmy Choo clutch, making her way out the back of the classroom into the quickly crowding hallway. Had it been a boarding school, like her cousin was in, she'd have guys clawing at one another to carry her books, which she was truly too little to be carrying. But, as luck would have it, her parents sent her to a private, all girls' school in the city. They felt it was better for her image to not leave the city for more than two weeks for a short vacation.

She stuffed her books into her locker and closed it, ready for lunch. Her four-inch Prada stilettos were killing her feet by the time she made it to the lunchroom, and she had one thing on her mind. She wasn't even paying attention when she saw a girl fall in seemingly slow motion, her tray with her lunch fly in the air, missing Marie by inches. One more step and Marie would have been covered in ranch dressing, pink lemonade, and countless condiments.

But, Marie had noticed one other thing, and that was the foot of a girl slipping out of place just long enough to trip the girl.

The girl slowly stood back up, collecting the contents of her Em Bilts hand sewn clutch, and checking the heels of her stilettos, before looking down at her fallen lunch. She sighed and brushed her brown hair out of her brown eyes.

Marie decided that Missy had not been the target, but rather she had been, while Missy had just been the tool. After all, a lunch like Missy's was about the last thing she wanted to end up on her outfit.

"Nice going, Klutz," the tripper said with a laugh. She swept some blonde hair behind her ear and flicked her bangs out of her brown eyes. She smirked looking at Missy, then laughed.

"Hey, L. Jo," Marie snapped. "How was your night with Kennedy?" Jo Lincoln narrowed her eyes at Marie. "Oh, that's right, he turned you down when you invited him to Moonshine. There's a reason for that. Moonshine is last season."

"At least I haven't chased any boys off the island," Jo snarled.

"You are not allowed to talk about Outfitters," Marie growled. "Now, I demand that you apologize to Missy before you anger me anymore than you already have."

"What are you going to do about it?" L. Jo asked standing from her seat. In her own Fendi platform pumps, L. Jo stood a full six inches taller than Marie, and four taller than Missy Washburn. However, Marie had not been the only one to witness the tripping. Kyra Rogers, who Marie rather hated, had seen it too, and stood just as tall as L. Jo in her Miu Miu flats, not to mention that Kyra's twin sister and Marie's best friend, Kia, stood over six feet in her own Miu Miu T-strap stilettos and was a favorite of all the teachers in the school. L. Jo's friends stood as well.

"Sit down, you three," Marie said. They all stood at about Marie's height in their ballet flats. "L. Jo has to learn to fight her own battles."

"You have back up," Betsy said.

"And you have a backside," Marie said. "A rather large one at that. Now put it back in the chair."

"Don't you think you're a little fragile to be throwing insults around, OMG?" L. Jo asked.

"Ew," Kia said as she approached the scene. Mr. Fraczek, the geometry teacher, was right behind her carrying her books. If there was ever a more obvious infatuation a teacher had with a student, Marie would have loved to see it. "What's on the ground?"

"That would be Missy Washburn's lunch," L. Jo said.

"After Jo tripped me," Missy defended herself.

"It's true," Kyra said, looking at Kia rather than Mr. Fraczek.

Kia looked at the man, who then shook his head. "Josephine Lincoln, I thought you'd be above these childish pranks by now. I'm giving you a warning, and if I hear it happens again, I will be ordering you to clean it up."

"Come on, Missy," Marie said motioning to her table that a few younger girls always reserved for her. "You can sit with us today."

"She can?" Kia asked.

"Yes," Kyra agreed with Marie on few things, but usually they liked the same people. Plus, Missy was the niece of Emily Bilts, which meant she had access to some of the hottest clothes before the fashions were even released to the elitist class.

"Did you remember to wish Cara a happy birthday?" Marie asked as she sat down.

Missy nodded. "I sent her a card on Friday, so she should probably get it today."

"I went for the direct phone call approach," Marie said. Marie had been kind of hoping she could get the scoop on Carson's mystery girl from Cara, but couldn't bring herself to ask because Cara sounded rather stressed out. As it turned out, most of Cara's good friends had actually forgotten it was her birthday it seemed. By the time she had made the phone call, it was too late for her to be led to a surprise party. Marie decided that Cara's friends were obviously lowly beings.

"I really don't understand the fascination everyone has with her," Kia said, straightening her back. "She's nothing special."

Marie smiled at her envious friend. How very wrong Kia was on this matter.