by: mind.of.wonder

I'm here, right beside my bedroom window

Wondering why I let you go

It has only been a few months but I already miss your smile

And I'm going crazy just because I haven't seen it for a while


I still remember your laugh every now and then

But it makes me lonely that I won't hear it ever again

But what will tears do for me now?

You won't return to me anyhow


I remember the days we spent together

I thought it would last forever

But this didn't happen for you and I

One day you just left and said goodbye


Now I live my life with regret

And it still not over just yet

But I hope wherever you are, you are glad

And have the times that we never had


Now I just see you only in my dreams

Even though how real it seems

I know it is not real or true

I will never again be with you