part unam

But, peter
says wendy & pushes curls back, shy (suddenly) when
his hands slipslide down her cheeks (sunburnt from playing
dangerously close to the sun, she swings into the glare and giggles, little girl
little girl)

But, wendy
says peter and rough hands tickle little-girl thighs I'd
like that kiss now & wendy bends, but, oh peter! peter!
(he smiles, nasty elf, but wendy says peter)

& the fingers tighten, the nightgown tears

but wendy, says peter, I love you (this time)

part duo

& the curls are a mess, tinkerbelle sees, the child is crying (pixie smiles,
teeth bared, oh pleasure, for the wicked & loved) but, peter! peter!

pulls away,

little boys lost (never grow never hurt never learn) tug, tug, tug
play, wendy play?

Wendy, alone, clutches at water and dreams of mermaids and drowning
(curls a mess, she wipes away blood this time, this time from little-girl thighs)

a/n: for laura, whose story is being a stubborn sonofabitch.