Enter, my friends, and you will see

The Land of Despair and Dreams

Where ghosts and skeletons make amends

Or plan their horrible schemes

Fantasy, horror, humor and death,

Mystery, love, and despair

Gather here, where light is dark

In their beautiful, horrible lair

Beware, my friends, of showing fear

This land is odd and strange

Its beauty here is horrid there

Its people are deranged

But beauty's in the viewer's eye

And if that is believed

You'll see grotesque before your eyes

Vastly reconceived

Death is art here, gore is normal

Blood's a part of life

But don't forget that love, as well,

Is in the sculptor's knife

Don't let on if you're afraid of us

Make friends, enjoy your stay

And when you retrace the path to awake,

We'll ensure you find your way

A/N: Hopefully an interesting introduction to this world. I know it's not the best of poems, but it's what I could come up with in 15 minutes in my eagerness to post more of the poems. Critique? Spit it out :)