Curled up in bed

Just waiting for the night to end

Hoping he won't

Come to visit her again


Made her afraid of the dark

Made her afraid to lay here alone

Her worst enemy

Lurking in her own home

And the innocence once known

Has passed her on by

As he comes to her again

With the whisper of the night

She bats him away

And doesn't believe his lies

But she knows it won't do her any good

At the mercy of his twisted lullaby

Her fighting starts to cease

And routine sets in

Once a little girl in ribbons

Forced to be a woman

Before her time

And as his fingers stretch upon her

She closes her eyes

And dreams up a beautiful place

Beyond the evil of his twisted lullaby

All grown now

She tries to wash his prints away

And as her pale skin turns red

She battles off the shame

They say it's not her fault

But what do they know

They've never felt their daddy's hands

Roam where daddy's hands shouldn't roam

They've never been forced to grow up

Or live with all the lies

That flowed from his lips

And marked the pain of his twisted lullaby

...Hushaby...And goodnight...Go to sleep...Little...Baby...