Second Heartbeat


I never imagined that it would all lead to this, waking up with a warm body pressed to my side, breath on my neck. It's not so much the body pressed against me – it's whom it belongs too. Definitely not my wife of seven years, that's for sure.

I'm sure she's waking up now, though, and I'm gone again. She'll get up, just like she does every morning and she'll make Kayla, our little girl, breakfast. She'll pretend I went to work early, just like I've been saying every night when I return home with another excuse. She'll take it, because she can't lose me.

I'm a selfish man; I've learned this in the last few months. Before, I'd always viewed myself as generous, honest. I don't dare use those words anymore.

As the body next to me stirs, I turn my head a bit just in time to see those beautiful green eyes that I fell so deeply in love with, flutter open. A light smile grazes those petal soft lips as they press a soft kiss to my bare chest, and despite it all, I can't help but to smile back.

I'm a liar and a cheater, but I'm in love.

I'm in love with a boy nine years younger than I am.