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A small knife fell to the floor, soon followed by two drops of crimson blood. Next to it, a girl sank to her knees, gasping. People had often told her not to cut herself, especially at the wrist, but how could she resist? The oozing crimson liquid did look so nice against her fair skin…

"Dayanara! Come down!"

The girl, Dayanara, cursed under her breath. Muttering to herself furiously, she took a cloth from her nightstand and wrapped it tightly around her bleeding wrist, making sure to intertwine it in between her fingers. Then, grabbing her backpack, she flung open the door and raced down the stairs of the orphanage into the kitchen, where she was met by the cook, Edna Murphy.

"About time you got here," she grumbled, handing Dayanara a bowl of cereal. "You're late. The others already left."

Dayanara looked at her before glancing at the clock. It read '7:53 AM.'

"I still have seven minutes," she retorted, raising a spoonful of Cheerios to her lips. She grimaced. It was soggy.

Silently cursing herself for waiting too long, she reluctantly swallowed the tasteless mush, taking a swig of orange juice to wash it down.

"Here's your lunch," Edna growled, setting down a five-dollar bill next to Dayanara's cereal bowl.

Dayanara stared at it for a minute, quickly responded, "Thanks," and bolted out of the kitchen, grabbing her shoes as she went.

"Hey, wait!" she heard Edna call after her. "You didn't finish your-"

The orphanage door slammed into her face before she could finish.

"You didn't finish your sentence, I know," Dayanara muttered softly, kneeling down to tie her shoelaces. She frowned as a stray wisp of her ebony-black hair fell into her face. Blowing it out of the way, she got up, proceeding to walk to her school.

Dayanara pursed her lips as she thought of her name, a common activity that she did when she walked to school by herself. Dayanara… who on Earth came up with that for a name?

Earlier, of course, she had prided in the fact that her name was Dayanara. It had seemed so exotic at the time, so perfectly lovely…

So perfectly insane, more like it.

The girl scowled as she continued to walk, her gray-green eyes narrowing as she quickened her pace. It now annoyed her greatly that her name had to be that. Teachers in her class often mispronounced it, a fact that ticked her off like hell, as she often told people who asked her, and then, there was its meaning.



She growled. How could those people at the orphanage, the ones who had seen her when she was barely eight months old, how could they of all people call her Dayanara? It meant 'Light,' for Pete's sake! She was everything but that, in a manner of speaking – she despised the daytime, it was way too hot for her comfort, and light – well, light often blinded her.

She preferred the night – cool, calm, and mysterious. Just like her. And so dark, too…

Why couldn't she have been named Ebony? At least then her name would make sense!

Dayanara, for this reason, had shortened her name to 'Dana.' True, 'Dana' meant 'from Denmark,' but in her opinion, it was a better name than 'Dayanara.'

Grumbling, Dana broke into a sprint, before abruptly stopping due to a glint that caught the corner of her eye. Ignoring it, she continued to run, but it seemed to follow her, never letting itself out of her gaze…

She frowned. What the hell was its problem, anyhow?! Growling now, she began walking towards the path of where it came from – an abandoned alleyway. Whoever just ruined her morning would pay.

Walking closer, she was startled when, seemingly out of nowhere, a black cat jumped directly at her. Instinctively, Dana dodged the encounter – by quickly kneeling in place. Turning around, she saw the cat, which slowly turned its head, intensely gazing at her with its bright emerald-green eyes.

Dana frowned, picking herself up and dusting off her clothes. Turning to see that the cat was still there, staring at her as intently as before, she sighed tiredly.


The cat, as if understanding her, turned around and slunk around the corner.

Dana slung her backpack around her left shoulder, preparing to start walking again, when an all-too-familiar glint caught her eye. Grunting in annoyance, she unwillingly trudged towards its location. Kneeling, she slipped her hand into the small niche between the wall and the trash bin, and felt her fingers slowly close around something.

Bringing it out to look at it, she found a shard attached to a long chain – an obsidian shard, to be precise. Dayanara frowned, before opening her eyes widely in response to the noise she heard one second later.


Pocketing the pendant without giving a second thought, Dayanara broke into a sprint as she hurried to her school, desperately praying that she wouldn't be late.

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