Appendix: The Aesnir (translates, 'Colorful Dancers')


Copper-colored skin and white hair with light colored eyes. Tall (between 7 and 10 feet.)


The Aesnir were one of the three groups forced from Mino by the fires of Surt. Whereas the Giants were the royalty and aristocracy of Mino, the Aesnir were no more than tinkerers and wanderers, performers and con-men. After the migration they desired wealth and rule, and so the leaders of the Aesnir styled themselves gods and demanded offering and sacrifice from the superstitious Men they subdued into worshiping them. And so they revel in their decadence and power, blissfully ignorant of the truth of their origins.

The myth that they have created for themselves claims that the first Aesnir were born of lions before anything with two legs walked the earth. These lions taught the Aesnir how to love and make war, to build and destroy. Eager to pass these teachings on, the Aesnir created Men from the elements of the earth. Men, of course, were not as mighty as the lion-born Aesnir so they became servants of their creators.

The 'Gods' of the Aesnir:

Rugar- God of War and Smiling Mirth, King of the Aesnir, crafter of the first sword.

Teahr- God of Wisdom and Undying Knowledge, crafter of the first spear, worker of spells.

Fralef- God of Icy Frost and Winter Wind. 'The Skiier', "Old Man Winter', 'Old Frostbeard'

Mirahl- Goddess of Melting Snow and Spring Harvest. Wife of Rugar.

Nyahl- Goddess of Golden Warmth and Summer Harvest. Wife of Rugar.

Rhiahl- Goddes of Falling Leaf and Autumn Harvest. Wife of Rugar.

Nohr- God of Schemes and Secret Works, 'The Trickster', teller of the first lie.

Nasgar- God of Waves and Sunken Longship, 'Shipbane', 'Whalerider'