this is hard for me.
i know far too much about you,
and you know far too much about me
for us to just forget it happened.

you know i love your smile.
i know that you think it's cute when i'm annoyed.
you know i always want to hug you.
i know that you like hugging me, because i actually hug back.
you know that i think about you all the time.
i know that thinking of me makes you come so much harder.

i know that on wednesday,
you loved me.
and i know it lasted until friday night

i know that something changed,
and you don't like me like that anymore.
but i just don't get it!

i know that you tell me it's gone,
but how can something change that much
just overnight?

i know you love her still,
so maybe that's what happened.
maybe she called you,
and it shocked you back to reality.

i know that this is gone now,
but is it because you don't like me anymore,
or is it because you know you're not supposed to?

i don't know what changed,
but it was something, and something big.

i know so much about the situation,
but what i need to know is this:

what changed?